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  1. 1. Dog drug poisoning:
    The use of various drugs, or various drugs itself, has toxic and side effects, especially insecticides and insect repellent to the animal. Or eat highly toxic drugs that cause acute and chronic poisoning of drugs. Clinical manifestations: tears, drooling, drooling, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, mental deficiency, etc.
    The treatment method: If the symptoms of dog poisoning should be discontinued, the medicine should be discontinued immediately, and the symptoms can be disappeared after the effect disappears. If dogs are seriously poisoned, corresponding measures should be taken based on drugs that cause dog poisoning.
    2. Dog food poisoning:
    roughly divided into two types: biological toxin type (pathogenic bacteria) and animal toxin. ① Biotoxin (pathogenic bacteria) food poisoning. For example, if a dog eats foods contaminated by Salmonella, it is infected, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, etc. long. Some are contaminated (such as contaminated with Grape bacteria) even if they are heated, bacteria still survive, and more toxins will produce. The onset time is relatively short. Generally, the onset of disease can be developed within 1-6 hours. ② Animal food poisoning, some animals contain a large amount of poison (such as the blood, liver, eggs, skin, etc. of puffer fish, which contain toxins). These toxic animal foods containing toxins can make dog poisoning. Foods that dogs cannot eat are squid fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. These foods will cause symptoms such as diarrhea, weak limbs, and decreased body temperature after eating.
    This treatment method:
    Is when dogs are poisoned, a small amount of salt or 1 % potassium permanganate can be poured into the stomach, which compresses the root of the tongue to induce vomiting and discharge poison. It is best to send the vomit to the veterinary hospital for testing to provide a basis for the treatment;
    -irrigated mung bean soup to achieve the purpose of detoxification;
    Wash the boiling water and shave part of the contaminated hair if necessary;
    Is when a dog has some clinical symptoms, corresponding treatment measures should be taken.
    3. Organic phosphorus compounds such as enemy cachines, dichlorvos, phenylsulfensum, and pistachios are effective insecticides and deworming agents. They are widely used in the treatment of internal and external parasites Essence If you eat, eat or feed too much, poisoning can occur.
    The symptoms: Organic phosphorus inhibit choline lipase activity, so that acetylcholine accumulates in the body, and the symptoms of poisoning with excessive excitement of choline can be excited. The sick dog showed saliva, increased nose and eye secretions, and mucosal bleeding. Abdominal pain (increased intestines, gastric peristalsis), dilute, continuous urination, slow heart rate, pupil contraction, vomiting. Then there was a whole body convulsion, and the muscles were paralyzed in the end, difficulty in breathing, coma, and death.
    Treatment: Intravenous injection of Atto, 2 mg of rest in each stand, repeated injection once every 3-6 hours; injection of phosphorus decomposition. Dogs with acute poisoning are used with fat or 1 % copper sulfate solution several times a day, one teaspoon at a time, and vomiting and diarrhea to clean up the gastrointestinal tract.
    4. Dogs are bitten by snakes, snake venom in dogs
    The parts where dogs are bitten by poisonous snakes are mostly on the limbs and nose. Snake venom is divided into neurotoxicity and hematological.
    The symptoms: Golden Ring Snake, Silver Ring Snake and Eye Snake secrete neurotoxic poison. After the dog is bitten, the limbs are paralyzed, the breathing is difficult, the pulse is not tidy, the pupils are scattered, and the whole body twitches, the blood pressure decreases, the shock, and finally die due to respiratory and cycle failure. Bamboo leaves green and five -step snake secrete blood poison. The wounds swelling, heat, hard, and painful after being bitten by the dog; the skin has blisters, subcutaneous bleeding, and even local tissue necrosis, ulceration Fast; then blood pressure decreased, difficulty in breathing, and finally died of heart paralysis.
    The treatment: ligate with rope or handkerchief above the wound to prevent the spread of snake venom along the lymphatic flow or blood flow; use water, soapy water, hydrogenang, potassium permanganate (1/5000) to wash the wound; squeeze with your hands; Venom; 1 % potassium permanganate, gastric protease or 0.5 % Prucaine with local injection; internal and external snake pills.
    5. The phenolic drugs in the dog
    Themine and mites are treated with coalophenols sapper (Iysol, Creolin, etc.), and poisoning is caused by hairy.
    The symptoms: red skin, exudation. Phenol causes nervous system damage, showing indifference, weakness or paralysis; sometimes adeptic spasm and vomiting. The other symptoms are large pupils. Urine green is characteristic (when urine is exposed to air).
    The treatment: Wash the body surface, clean it internally.
    6. Usually we feed some snacks for cute dogs, which can also cause dog poisoning.
    Chocolate (caffeine poisoning)
    After dogs eat chocolate, dog poisoning symptoms: severe drooling, frequent urination, pupil dilation, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and diarrhea, extreme excitement, vigorous energy, muscle trembling , Finally, coma.
    Onion (sulfide poisoning)
    Dog poisoning symptoms: weight loss, fatigue, laziness, frequent asthma, depression of qi, rapid pulse, weakness, and film -like secretions appearing in the gums and mouth.
    The liver (vitamin A poisoning)
    S symptoms of dog poisoning: Fer deformed bones, elbows and spine bones rapidly developing, weight loss, anorexia, and no appetite.
    bone (dogs will not be poisoned, but they will scratch the esophagus and cause suffocation)
    Thefenges: Plear gums, gasping, opening their mouth breathing, catching face, shallow and slow, slow, slow and slower Breathing, no consciousness, pupils expand, and even shock.
    Raw eggs (resulting in the lack of vitamin H)
    D dimensional H deficiency: hair loss, weakness, slow growth, and skeletal deformity.
    Gear meat (Salmonella poisoning. Bacteria poisoning)
    Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning: poor appetite, high fever, diarrhea, dehydration, lower abdominal pain, depression of qi, no spirit.
    Smints Symptoms of Bacteria Dog: Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Diabente, severe blood, shock, and paralysis.
    grapes (causing renal failure)
    Dog poisoning symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, dogs will become depressed, appetite, abdominal pain, clinical urine, no urine, and finally renal failure.

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  3. Dog poisoning is generally obvious.
    Ixing the symptoms of chocolate poisoning: severe drooling, frequent urination, pupil dilation, fast heartbeat, vomiting and diarrhea, vigorous energy, muscle trembling, and finally coma. Symptoms of onion poisoning, weight loss, fatigue, laziness, often asthma, depression of qi, rapid pulse, weakness, and thin film -like secretions in the gums and mouths.
    It dogs should try vomiting, gastric lavage, diarrhea and other measures. These days, it is best to eat dog food and soak them with water. important.

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