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  1. Dog poisoning usually has the following symptoms:
    1. Drawing water: During a certain period of time, a large amount of drooling of the dog and frequent urination will also occur. The dog is likely to be poisoned. Everyone's attention.
    2. Low body temperature: Dogs will decrease when the dog is poisoned, and it will even tremble more "cold" than usual.
    3. Vomiting and diarrhea: Dogs also have inexplicable frequent diarrhea without eating. This situation is also likely to be poisoning.
    4. Energy: Dogs will be very excited after poisoning, the muscles on the body will also tremble, and then it can cause coma.
    The dogs do not have a certain ability to distinguish food, such as some food that expires, or foods that dogs are taboo. After the dog eats the expired and corrupt food, it will seriously affect gastrointestinal health and lead to poisoning. Onions and chocolates, dogs are firmly unable to eat these two foods.
    The chocolate also has a large amount of cocoa base. This substance can affect the blood flow of the dog's transport to the brain. The blood flow in the brain decreases, which may cause dog heart disease or more serious diseases. There is also a positive propylene sulfide in the onion, which can destroy red blood cells in the blood of the dog's body.
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  2. Dog poisoning is generally obvious.
    Ixing the symptoms of chocolate poisoning: severe drooling, frequent urination, pupil dilation, fast heartbeat, vomiting and diarrhea, vigorous energy, muscle trembling, and finally coma. Symptoms of onion poisoning, weight loss, fatigue, laziness, often asthma, depression of qi, rapid pulse, weakness, and thin film -like secretions in the gums and mouths.
    It dogs should try vomiting, gastric lavage, diarrhea and other measures. These days, it is best to eat dog food and soak them with water. important.

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