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  1. The variety of large pet dogs
    The varieties of large pet dogs, there are many types of dogs, there are small dogs, small dogs and large dogs, large dogs need a certain living space and sports space, and most large large -scale large -scale large -scale large -scale Dogs need a sufficient amount of exercise every day.
    The variety of large pet dogs. Dor, Laprado and other names basically have three colors, yellow, black, chocolate. It is a solid structure, medium -sized dog. Mild personality, high IQ, and friendly to humans.
    . Samoyed
    Samoyed is strong and runs fast, but the personality is gentle and friendly, and it will not create unnecessary trouble for the host. Some of the ears are short. But its most typical feature is that Samoyed's smile looks like laughing forever.
    3. Scottish shepherd
    The Scottish Shepherd, which originated in the Scottish lowland, is called Corolia. The native country is Britain. Scottish shepherds are called "dog stars". Some dogs are petite and some dogs are unsatisfactory. Taiyuan belongs to a kind of inferior dog. Until 1860, he was famous for his efforts to praise Queen Victoria.

    4. The Rowaline Dog
    Ritiler is a very old variety. It will warn you, but it will not take the initiative to cause trouble. The Rowa dog originated in the Roman era, with three types: German, American, and German improvement. The Rowa Dog is good at distinguishing right from wrong and obeying the host's command. To train in his childhood, an adult Rowa dog is not easy to be controlled.
    5. The Casro dog
    is an extremely standard large fierce dog, which has excellent agility and response capabilities. It will be aggressive to strangers, can judge the enemy and me, and also observe the master's face and face.
    The varieties of large pet dogs Daquan 2 Tenth: Billy Bulls, native to Spain, like the big white bear dog, it is also a descendant brought by the Mediterranean crew to Spain in the early years. At first, as a guard dog. For centuries, the shepherd dogs have been used to drive the herds every spring, from the low -lying plain of Billy Nius to the valleys in the high place, and look for the rich area of ​​pastoral grass!
    : Kan Gao Dog, Turkish Famous Dog. The pure Kan Gao dog is tall, fierce, and very shocking. The Kangao dog is used to see the home guard or shepherd, and has the function of retreating the enemy without war. When the thief and the invaders see this dog, they usually look at the wind.
    : Caucasian dog, at the time as a border patrol dog, especially along the Berlin Wall. Many Caucasian dogs are given to ordinary German families. The fine breeding in Germany ensures the future of this cautious and independent dog. With its popularization, breeders pay more attention to choosing their docile quality. Caucasian dog is one of the largest fierce dogs in the world!
    : Irish Wolf Hunter, originated in 100 BC. It is a real giant dog, the tallest dog in the world. The appearance is generally similar to the Lingti dog, and its hair is very messy; the body structure is strong, and the muscles are very developed, which shows an elegant attitude. The structure is strong and stable, showing strength, active, courage, and symmetrical.

    : Dandan dogs, noble and elegant tables, large body shape, full muscle, strong and powerful. Among the large working dogs, it is the only dog ​​that can easily trek long distances. People call it the dog of the sun god. Mastering common dog diseases and reproductive behaviors among dog breeding is very important for dogs and dog breeders.
    Fifth: Big white bear dogs, strong and coordinated body, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners. It is full of self -confidence, gentle and friendly individual character, calmness, strong sense of responsibility, and loyalty. It is the most powerful dog breed today. Under various climatic conditions, you can loyally adhere to your job.
    : San Bernard dog, origin of Switzerland, known as the national treasure of Switzerland, also had a long history in Denmark, but in the middle of the 19th century, the number was increasing to the point of extinguishing.
    Third: Masteve dog, as a family dog ​​with affection. After Caesar, he appeared in the UK. This dog is proved to be a fearful guard and hunting responsibility. After the Second World War, the number in the United States declined and the situation improved.
    : The Central Asian Shepherd is an ancient variety with a history of more than 4,000 years. Central Asian Shepherd may be the descendants of Asian mastiffs. This brave and fearless shepherd dog has been used as a group of sheep for hundreds of years or thousands of years. Local herdsmen think it is one of the oldest mastiffs.
    : Spanish mastiff, the appearance of typical mastiffs, medium proportions and long -term structures. Very strong muscle, compact skeletal structure. The head is large and the body is half -covered. The most important thing is the balance of functional coordination. And the cry is hoarse, low, and quite Hongliang can be heard from far away.
    The variety of large pet dogs Daquan 3 1. Labrador dog
    shoulder height 54-62cm, weighing 25-34kg
    is loyal and clever, gentle, lively and fearless, easy to train.
    The greedy to control diet and exercise.
    2. Golden Retriever
    The shoulder height is 55-61cm, weighing 27-34kg
    is gentle and kind, noble and elegant, concentrated and patient, good at tracking.
    The body taste is heavier and the amount of exercise is relatively large.
    3. German shepherds
    The shoulder height is 55-65cm, weighing 35-40kg
    has obvious personality, loyalty, direct, bold, approachable, confident and firm, and like sports.
    Whether it is spiritual or physical, German Mu is very "tossing" and has a strong activity.

    4. Ancient shepherd dogs
    The shoulder height 46-65cm, weighing 26-38kg
    smart and gentle, bold and sensitive, obedience.
    5. Alaskan sled dog
    The shoulder height 65-71cm, weighing 30-45kg
    strong and powerful, muscular, quiet temperament, very loyal.
    The movement of exercise and poor gastrointestinal function.
    6. Japanese Akita Dog
    The shoulder height is 58-70cm, weighing 25-40kg
    is very brave, feel keen, loyal and smart.
    The autumn dogs are not so friendly to other animals, so try not to keep other animals and Akita dogs together.

    7. Doberman
    The shoulder height 65-69cm, weighing 30-40kg
    The born guard dogs are strong and brave and smart, easy to train.
    It requires sufficient exercise, fever and cold, prone to bloating diseases, and prone to abnormal hip development and heart problems.
    8. Lingti dog
    shoulder height 70-76cm, weighing 27-32kg
    is the fastest dog in the world, flexible. If you don't give it enough exercise, protest, bark, or even bite people.
    9. Big White Bear Dog
    The shoulder height 65-81cm, weighing 45-60kg
    This body is pure white, which can quickly adapt to home-style life, but it does not belong to the indoor variety that does not belong to it. His ancestors were veterans of the battlefield for a long time, and sometimes there were neurotic tyrannical temper, which was more suitable for suburban breeding.
    10. Afghanistan hounds:
    64-74cm, 25-30kg
    This is noble and proud, is the emperor's character in the dog, elegant, lively
    can adapt to modern residential and apartment life But the premise is to give it enough exercise space and opportunities.

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