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  1. How to feed a few days a day for puppies for a full moon
    In how to feed a few days a day for puppies. Dogs who have just been full of moon are fed because they leave breast milk. , Often seemingly restless, loss of appetite. Let's take a look at how to feed how many meals a day for puppy just full moon?
    How to feed the puppy just full of the full moon to feed a few meals a day for a month, a puppy should be fed three times a day. If it shows that it is not too hungry, you can gradually reduce the feeding to the daily daily Two times, 15 minutes each. From the six -month dog, the dog only needs to eat dog food once or twice a day. It is best to once in the morning and evening, because if you eat one meal at night, the dog may be hungry and eat too much.
    The feeding of puppies for a month:
    1. Feed some liquid food
    one month of dog intestines lacks a lot of digestive enzymes. The function of dog digestion and absorption is not very strong So the owner cannot give the dogs that are not easy to digest and absorb foods, such as people's leftovers and leftovers, or too dry and too hard dog food, etc., can easily lead to poor digestion of puppies. You can give dogs some easy -to -digest and nutritious liquid foods, such as millet porridge or minced meat porridge.

    . Sheep milk powder soaked dog food
    In addition to eating some digestible liquid food for dogs, the owner is best to eat some goat milk powder for dog food, because a month The dog is an important period of development. It requires a lot of nutrients. It is not enough to feed porridge, otherwise it will cause the dog's malnutrition. The owner can use some goat milk powder to soak the soft dog food and then feed. The food can fill the dog's belly, but the milk powder feeding to the dog is very particular. You can't feed people's milk powder at will. If the dog milk powder, you must choose some good quality.
    3. Good milk powder to see the formula
    The pet market system is not perfect, milk powder is turbid, less than a dozen pieces, as many as hundreds, many novices who raising dogs are greedy and cheap, often I bought fake milk powder. Most of the raw materials of these milk powder are not milk powder, but mixed with a large amount of starch, milk sperm, good milk powder dissolved, less sewage, such as Wang Xiangli milk powder is a good choice. It can meet the dog's demand for nutrition. The owner can be fed quantitatively according to the dog's size. The puppies of full moon are best to drink goat milk, because the dog's intestinal function is limited, and it is an important period of development.
    Pucting information:
    Is when choosing milk powder for puppies, it is best to rule out the milk powder used by infants and young children. Because the dog's body structure is different from humans, the demand for nutrition and humans is still still human beings. There are differences. There is also a common milk powder for cats and dogs, and it is not recommended to feed dogs with milk, otherwise it is easy to cause the puppies to have diarrhea.
    How to feed a few days a day to feed a few meals a few days old puppy, how do puppies be fed? Note that these points are fine!
    The dogs who are not full moon are mainly based on breast milk, and dogs at the full moon will enter the weaning period (30-50 days after birth). The weaning period is the most critical period of puppy growth. It must prevent it from nutritional nutritional. bad. The dogs who just do n’t have to feed milk -cutting dog food can also be added to the puppies or dog food to make more softer dog foods to make it easy to eat and nutritious. The puppies and dog foods are more calories and more nutrients, which are small granular and easier to eat.
    The feeding of dogs that just full moon are different from the individual differences between weaning puppies. It is the most suitable daily to feed 4 to 6 times. The method of weaning dog food is to add a lot of warm water to puppies and dog food to make dried dogs softened. Use a small spoon to crush the dog food, and then add some dogs to the powder to supplement a large amount of calcium. Stir gently into a paste, and the delicious weaned dog food is made.

    The dogs who are just full of full moon suggest that you use puppies and dog food. If the dog is too small, you can use dog milk powder to feed the puppy. Add a little lactase to the milk powder to prevent him from changing the food after changing the food Do not adapt to diarrhea. Slowly add dog food to milk. Do not use milk. Milk general puppies will have diarrhea if you drink it, and severe `will cause dehydration. During this period, some "Michala" can be prepared at home to prevent puppy diarrhea and indigestion.
    The dogs who are just full of moon can be fed for any food. Foods suitable for puppies include puppies special dog food and canned food, puppy milk powder, egg yolk, meat, but when feeding puppies, you should choose to choose The part without fat is easy to deteriorate because fat is easy to deteriorate. But to feed them, don't feed raw meat. The foods that are not suitable for feeding dogs are: frozen milk, containing large amounts of fat meat, sour, spicy, salty and other irritating foods, pastries, chicken liver and other poultry internal organs.
    How to feed a few days a day to feed a few meals and 3 puppies. Please pay attention to novice dogs!
    First, puppies will bite things
    Generally between puppies for a month and four months old, they will enter a tooth change period. During this time Because the teeth grow itching, it will bite things to stop itching.
    Secondly, the puppy cannot eat salty
    Min dog food should be mainly dog ​​food. In particular, it is important to note that the puppy cannot eat salty, otherwise it is likely to damage the hair and even cause it to cause it to cause the hair or even cause it There is a problem with kidney or heart.
    Third, puppies will lose hair
    When puppies reach three to four months old age, they will enter a large number of hair changes, which is the embarrassing period we commonly call. During this period, the puppy's fetal hair will fall off, and then replace it with permanent hair, and the amount of hair removal is very large.

    . Fourth, pay attention to the diet of the puppy
    Generally speaking, puppies are recommended to feed three to five times a day, because the puppies are not developed and the speed of metabolism It is faster, so it is recommended to eat less meals, so that there are certain benefits for their body growth and gastrointestinal digestive capacity. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to feeding puppies. Dogs eat.
    Fifth, the phenomenon of frequent vomiting may occur
    This is mainly to secrete gastric acid because of hunger, and gastric acid nausea will spit out some acid water. When discovering this situation, the owner should immediately adjust the puppy's eating time. rn 第六,幼犬异味的主要来源rn 因为我们建议在幼犬刚抱回家的一个星期内至少不要洗澡,但是在这期间,主人可以注意清理它们的口腔,耳道, Skin and anus can effectively eliminate the odor on them.

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