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  1. 1. Labrador dog: I believe that many shovel officers will not be unfamiliar with Labrador dogs, because in many film and television dramas, dogs appear as working dogs, even family pet dogs are high Interest, high efficiency, and family partner dogs who can live in harmony with their owners and live harmoniously. And in the ranking of large dogs, it is also among the best, one of the pet dogs suitable for domestic and high IQ.
    2, Golden Retriever: The popularity of golden retriever is second only to the Labrador dog. Because the shape of the golden retriever is similar to the Labrador dog, but the hair of the golden retriever is longer Cute and lively, IQ is also relatively high. I like to discuss the owner, so it is also more reliable, friendly family pet dog.
    3, big white bear dog: The big white bear looks very beautiful, and the appearance is particularly elegant, and the temperament is mild and calm. It is absolutely loyal to your own master, so it is more suitable for family breeding. The main point is that the feeling of hugging is particularly warm and special.
    4, German Shepherd: German Shepherd is a former dog dog, and the IQ is also particularly high, but over time, the dog has become more and more popular and accepted by ordinary families, so in the case In daily life, it has also become a large, popular partner dog. And in many jobs, you can also see German Shepherds, such as guide dogs, guard dogs, and so on.
    5, Husky Dog: Er Ha is also a more popular dog. Although IQ is relatively low, it belongs to a stupid dog that is not allowed to let go. Officials especially like it, and they especially like its nervous quality, so they have become one of the popular large pet dogs.

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