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  1. 1. Samoyed's white quilt, smiling face, and black and smart eyes are the most beautiful of the dogs now. Samoyed dogs are very strong and fast. They are excellent guard dogs, but they are gentle and friendly. They never create trouble, but they can maintain their position. The Samoyed Dog is naturally smart and is absolutely loyal to the owner. 2. Rolling Biebie dogs are cheerful, lively, smart, brave, alert, rich in feelings, and have strong adaptability. It is loyal to the owner, but also has a strong personality. Mild and observing the rules, sensitive, naughty, and love. 3. The color of Akita dog hair is eye -catching and clear, and the color of the spots is harmonious. The hair is double -layer hair, the texture is soft and thick, and the hair is relatively short. Akita Dog is a Japanese dog, a type of Japanese dog, and one of the large dog breeds in Japanese dogs. In Japan is a family pet dog. 4. Big white bear dogs, big white bear dogs are strong and coordinated, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic, with emperor -like manners. It is confident, gentle and friendly, calm and patience, strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and bravery. It is the most powerful dog breed today. 5. The German wolf dog German shepherd is moderate in shape and has slight ductility; strong, strong and developed muscles, and strong bones;
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