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  1. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    For those who raise dogs, dogs who see other people have all kinds of talents. My dogs learn some performance programs and can perform in front of friends. So let's briefly talk about how to make dogs learn to pretend to be dead. It is not difficult for the training of this skill. We can associate death and sleep.
    Although pretending to be dead and sleeping is a different concept, the effect is still the same when the dog shows. Dogs usually feel interesting about these beneficial skills. If it has learned to "lie down", it should be able to learn about the skill of pretending to be dead. First of all, say "lying down" to it, and then say: "Pretend to be dead" at the same time, roll the dog at the same time, pour his body to one side, fall straight down, keep this posture for a while, then touch it gently, then touch it, and then touch it. If you do n’t get the next order, you must press them in time and say “NO” in time, and then gently stroke them. When you think you can say "get up" with it, let it stand up, stroke it, give it some rewards, train it several times a day, and they can learn after a while.
    So the training of dogs pretending to be dead is not difficult. As long as the right method and give them encouragement and rewards at the right time, plus a period of training, then they can master this performance well Tips.

  2. [Turn] The Road to Star -Teach you how to train your baby to do "small drama"
    a ——The titles and throwing a small ball, the dog immediately obediently pinched it to you, there is such a small little Followed by class, I feel so comfortable!
    The training method is trained with toys interested in dogs, throwing the toys at the feet, and the dog will naturally run over. At this time, the password was "再", and then called it to the side, giving food and caressing as a reward. Within a few times, smart dogs will know that as long as they listen to passwords to bring the toys back, they can be delicious. It should be noted that the password must be clear and consistent before and after. Do not confuse the dog.
    b -rest is "pretending to be dead". In the same hand, a shot of "ping pong", the dog fell to the ground very well. What a tacit performance.
    The training method first let the dog lie down, and then hold its body with your hands to help it put a "pretending to death" posture, and at the same time send out the password "ping pong" (other vocal passwords, the main, the main, the main, the main, mainly It is easy to perform). If the dog lay down obediently, give him a reward. The number of repetitions is more, and the dog will lie down without having to help the dog.
    c —— The upgraded version of the rolling "pretend". If you order, the dog will roll around the ground, coquettish, really interesting, don't you want to try it?
    The training method must be trained first. After the dog learns, when it lay down, push its body to roll on the ground with your hands, and at the same time send out the "one roll". If the dog cooperates, give it a reward. This trick is not complicated, but requires a lot of practice. In the end, you will have a puppy who is good at listening to the order.
    D —— As a polite puppy, handshake is to say hello with handshake. So, how can we make it a "gentleman" dog?
    The training method picks up the dog's front paws with your hands, shakes it, and at the same time he sends out the "handshake". If the dog performs well, it will be rewarded. When it is familiar with this process, and then send out the "handshake" password, you will only reach out and let go. If the puppy raises the paw, it will be rewarded. Try it. In fact, it is not difficult to learn.
    e —— Stand a cute puppy stand up and invite you to dance together. Who will refuse? However, some puppies with long body are not suitable for this trick, so don't be "difficult for strong dogs".
    The training method first uses dogs or foods that dogs are interested in stood up, and then hold its front paws with your hands to help it stand firm and issue "standing" passwords at the same time. If the puppy performs well, use food and caressing to reward it well. Repeat several times a day, and soon the puppy will stand on his own.
    F —— Barking puppy is annoying. If it is obedient, only the puppy that you just hear your order, is it cute and intimate?
    The training method: Dogs are usually called when there is a need or something to say. Therefore, use food and toys to tease it, and at the same time, make gestures and passwords of "call". At this time, the anxious dog will call you one or twice. As long as it calls, give it to toys and give rewards. Over time, the dog will listen to your password barking. This training is more complicated and requires more patience to practice repeatedly.
    g —— The show only available in the circus. In fact, most people can do it.
    The premise for the training method is that the dog has learned to bark. Have you noticed that every time you make a barking gesture, the dog will call? By the way, the number is relying on this principle. Stretch out two fingers and make two orders with gestures, the dog will call twice. If it does well, give rewards. Over time, the two fingers were stretched out of the order next time, and the smart dog knew that it should be called twice. Other numbers push in order. However, it should be noted that dogs can only count more accurately to 5, don't be greedy, but the wrong number is very shameful ~

  3. [Training needs to know]
    Plords and dogs should enjoy the fun in the training process. At the beginning, we must conduct training activities in a quiet environment before training in a disturbing environment for a few weeks until the dog energy can It can be "calm" in any environment. The training time should be short, and it can only be performed when you and the dog are very sober. Do not reprimand a command you can't execute. Each training is best to end the front scene and draw a perfect period.
    [The training time should be short]
    The time of concentration of dogs is much shorter than people. Do not train the dog at most more than fifteen minutes each time. You can have two training within a day. Dogs can't concentrate, don't engage in training activities; when dogs are hungry, it is the best training time, because it will be very alert and the most response to food rewards. Dogs eat two meals a day. Before meals, it is a good opportunity for training.
    [Reward to dogs]
    Although biscuits are good prizes, they should not use too delicious biscuits as rewards, otherwise dogs only notice food instead of training; some dogs especially like to welcome welcome Toys that make sounds, but if the dog will take it away, do not use this toy; after a period of time, you should reduce the rewards in food and limbs, but the encouragement in the words should still be maintained, and the dog can soon be able to be able to quickly. Responsive praise.
    [Training environment]
    In a quiet environment at home, dogs can be able to take it all over, and then you can bring it to a quiet outdoor place, and then repeat training activities. Remember that you have to control the overall situation. In this way, the order can be issued; if the dog can obey in a quiet place or outdoors, you can take the dog to train its fixed force in a relatively noisy environment.
    [execute command]
    only when you can grasp the overall situation, you order. If your dog is divided, it is completely ignored by the temptation and oral command of food, but because it is also tied with collar binding collars With the rope, you can control it forcibly obey the command.
    [End of happiness]
    Each time the training is over, you should use the dog to like it and do things to the end, so that it will feel that the next training will be expected; Good rewards stay to the end, because if you do this, the next training, your dog hopes to end it quickly to win the award.

  4. What kind of dogs are you seeing the dog's intelligence. For example, you can remember
    of course, the best way to seduce it. The favorite thing to eat first calls it lying down
    This a few times a few times. Slowly. You are better to add an additional action when you call your password. Differential mouth or ordering this action is mature and then practicing the next action. For example, if you get up and leave the dog, you will stand up with you. This is another stage. At this stage, you can strict. After two stages, you need to link these two stages, that is, you can call "dead" directly and then lie down. Actually, the dog doesn’t know what you mean. Get the heart of eating or the owner. Essence Haha, slowly experience the fun of training dogs.

  5. You can show him the video of other dogs pretending to be dead
    You issued a password and then pressed him on the bottom of the time again and again to give snack rewards

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