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  1. The dog is called the following meanings:

    1. Sad. Some bitches lose their children and will call this way.

    2. Fear. Generally, the dog will hide in the corner when they are frightened.

    3, estrus. The estrus dog will call this way at night.

    4. Excited. Some dogs are also called when they are excited.

  2. If the dog calls like this, there may be something to tell you about it. You can take a good look at his body language. He may be wronged or beaten or how. You can soothe, soothe it, touch it, give it delicious, and care about him. Maybe he is fine.

  3. 1. Dogs generally feel lonely when they feel lonely. The general way is to accompany the dog more and play with the dog. If this is not the reason, you need to do a physical examination for the dog. The problem is that the dog is too naughty and needs education. The above problems and processing methods are summarized below.
    2. The reason why the dog calls mainly includes:
    (1) fear, and people need to accompany them. It may also be unfamiliar with the environment and people, without sense of security.
    (2) Hungry, thirsty, need to eat and drink.
    (3) Lonely, parents need to play with them.
    (4) Disease. very uncomfortable.
    3. Do the following processing:
    (1) Prepare a comfortable nest. Prepare a clean and comfortable nest for the dog, it is best to put a parent's clothes, so that you will sleep well, because the dogs depend on the parents, and the dogs with the taste of parents will be more secure.
    (2) Play with the dog. The dog may be coquettish with the parents. In fact, the dog is a child. If you ca n’t sleep, you will be coquettish with the parents. Parents can play with the dog for a while and do some simple game interaction. I will be sleepy, so I won't call. Usually, you must accompany the dogs, train more dogs, and train the dog's independence. You can combine small snacks during training, so that the efficiency will be higher.
    (3) Check the dog. The dog screamed, may be sick, parents have to check the dog. Protect the vases and cups at home to avoid being injured by dogs.
    (4) Pay attention to the dog's diet to prevent the dog from screaming because of hunger and thirst. Moreover, dogs have hair loss, so the diet should be light. It is recommended to choose dog food with low salt and less oil for dogs. You can consider the smell, raw materials, oil volume, salt, and nutritional elements of dog food. These factors are often reflected in the dog's feces color, hair quality, hair volume, tone, tear marks and other aspects.
    (5) But if the dog still insists on calling, it is too naughty, you must educate, if you do not call, give rewards. If you scream, beat the dog with a heartlessness, so that he dare not yell.

  4. The dog's continuous light crying may be caused by severe pain reactions. First of all, severe osteoarthritis and insufficient joint fluids lead to the mutual wear of the joints, causing severe pain reactions, and abnormal movement posture. Secondly, the inflammatory response caused by pancreatitis leads to severe pain reactions. The dog shows a prayer posture, and the dog may have symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea at the same time.

  5. A dog may have the following meanings:
    First, it means that the dog is to attack people. At this time, it is best not to approach the dog.
    . The dog wants to go out to play or want to eat, remind the owner to feed or take it out to play.
    third, the dog may be very wronged.
    The fourth, the dog is uncomfortable or this call will appear when they are sick.
    Fifth, this call will appear when dogs are separated.

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