4 thoughts on “Is it credible to buy pet dogs online?”

  1. I also like raising dogs, but I suggest that you are still optimistic about buying dogs on the Internet. You must not know if the dogs who are healthy just bought are not good. You have to consider that you do n’t want to buy it for a few days after you buy it cheaply. My friend is like this because you get sick for a few days and you will go to see the doctor's money than buying a dog. As a result, the dog is dead. Because its variety is not pure, because the variety is particularly pure is a dog intelligence proved by bloodlines very high

  2. It is best not to buy online, because the online price can be said to be outrageous. I have no experience. Yesterday I saw a white Bomei only 30 yuan on Taobao. So I think the original poster should go to multiple pet shops to see it. If the dog is purely species, it is relatively taller, you can prove it like a pet store for dogs. Hope it helps you. I also wish you a dog you like soon.

  3. In fact, there is nothing to be credible. I do n’t know if buying in the market. Look at the dog parents in their shops or at home. Whether the puppy is good depends on the quality of dog parents. Whether it is online or in the market, dog parents are very important.

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