How to teach dogs to pretend to be dead

There is a teddy bear baby in my family. It is only two or three months old. I heard others say that this dog is smart, so I want to know how to teach him to pretend to be dead.

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  1. Pet dogs

    This dogs to participate in movies are not unusual. Exquisite expressions and deep eyes add a lot of color to the film. Human movies are selected after the film emperor and film every year to recognize the actors who contribute to the film industry for their superb acting skills. In fact, cute pet dogs are also "film emperors" in people's minds. Their performances are also very three -pointers, and you see that their pretending to show is absolutely wonderful. So what is the way to teach dogs to pretend to be?
    It to teach dogs to pretend to die. The owner first needed the snack in one hand, and then said "bang", and then the other hand was forcibly knocked it down to the ground. In the previous training, as long as the dog falls down, parents can eat the food as a reward to praise it well. After handling the mobile phone -type training in this way, it is necessary to gradually transition to the use of passwords to train pet dogs. Every time the dog hears a "bang" sound, he lay down and died.
    Of course, it is not time for pet dogs to learn to pretend to be dead in one or two days. Parents' training also takes time. Train pet dogs need to be insisted every day, you can train 3-5 times a day, and you can keep your child for about 10 minutes at each training time. This can keep the dog's fun to participate in training and avoid excessive boredom training.
    Reminds that when training the dog to pretend to be dead, parents can also make a gesture of shooting, and then issue a "bang" instruction. Let the dog have a clear understanding of instructions and gestures. After a period of training, pet dogs will slowly form conditional reflexes. In the future, as long as you hear the instructions or see the gesture of the owner, it will perform "pretending to be dead".

  2. First of all, you must cultivate your feelings and dogs, so that it trusts you, the movement is more complicated, let it make it all around, tell it to have rewards, and it takes a while. This action may be the most unwilling to do it. In front of others, it is necessary to have a certain degree of trust. The effect of implementation before meals is the best, "pretending to die, motionless or sleeping" is a different concept, but here is the same. The dog feels very interesting about these beneficial skills. If it has learned to "lie down", it should soon teach it to "pretend" the technique. First ordered "lying down" and then said: "Sleep" at the same time, roll the dog at the same time, pour his body to one side, fall straight down, keep this posture for a while, and then stroke it gently to stabilize it.
    The bi -bears in my family, I teach her every day, she can almost do it.

  3. You teach him to sit down first! Learn to sit down. Just lie down. Or lie on your stomach. Learn to lie on your stomach. Teach him to roll. Wait for this. Just call him sideways. Learn sideways and use sign language. It is hand -assisted exercise, and turn it into a pistol! Then he said: Side. Point him with your fingers! He sideways, you let him learn slowly. As long as he learns one of them, give him food. slowly. As soon as you make a pistol -like hand, he will fall to the ground. It's fun. My half -year -old Jinmaoxue is a flying disk! This is also the training of prizes and penalties!

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