2 thoughts on “What kind of dogs do I like the most in the twelve constellations”

  1. Aries's favorite dog is Husky. When Husky is young, he is particularly cute, but when he grows up, he will "tear the house". Husky has no housekeeping skills. After all, the "smell is similar", haha ​​
    Thalashed dogs are Samoyed, Samoyed's body is white, flattering, smart and loyal, but the combat effectiveness is not strong, but Taurus just wants to find a companion for himself, Samoyed again Suitable for Alboma, but the dogs that Scorpio likes is Teddy, Teddy's body is petite, a small one, Scorpio likes to walk with a dog, and teddy is small in his body, but he likes to do some. Things with colors
    Liben Libra likes Paste. Although Bago's appearance is not very good -looking, Bago's eyes are particularly cute, and Baga's temperament is also docile. Brother
    Virgo's favorite dog is golden retriever, because the golden retriever's temperament is docile, and the golden retriever is very large, it can give Virgo's sense of security. If the training is good, you can also help the owner to see the child
    Cancer Cancer The dog you like is Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is particularly cute. It is a smiley dog. Even if you are unhappy to see Shiba Inu, you will become happy. It is especially suitable for Cancer to accompany Cancer. The shepherd dog is full of energy and especially likes outdoor sports. This is also in line with the character of Sagittarius. With the shepherd, Sagittarius can go out with the shepherd every day
    The short limbs and fat buttocks are very cute, but Gemini raising dogs are also three minutes of heat. If there is no way to ensure that Corgi is good, you still do n’t raise it
    The body is petite and white, and the type of dog is relatively high in value. This is also more in line with the aesthetic of the water bottle seat
    Pisces prefers Bichon dogs. The personality of Bear dogs is compatible with Pisces, so if Pisces has time to raise a Bear dog
    Leo is a dog that is preferred to raise is a soil dog. Moreover, Turkish dogs do not need to spend too much resources to raise. They are loyal friends of the owner
    Capricorn prefers Tibetan mastiffs, because the Tibetan mastiff is more fierce and noble, and is very loyal to the owner, but ordinary people are generally people generally are generally people. Unable to raise

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Aries: Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever is like a warm man, enthusiastic personality, confident, and not afraid of having people. It is often used as a working dog.nTaurus: Akita Dog, Akita Dog is loyal to the owner and family, with a stable personality, and docile to the family. Therefore, in Japan, it has always been popular with the best dog breed. It is an excellent family partner dognPisces: Border Shepherd, it is energetic, vigilant and enthusiastic. IQ is equivalent to a child 6 to 8 years old. Smart is a major feature of it. According to the evaluation, it may be the highest IQ dog.nCancer: Alaska dog, Alaska dog has a quiet and elegant temperament, and is very loyal to the owner.nMore 2nBleak

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