5 thoughts on “How can I bring pets back to my hometown?”

  1. The train chapter
    1 Buy train tickets,
    must call the local railway station in advance to ask the local railway station to ask clearly, which bicycle can be checked in pets, and some buses have no luggage compartment.
    2 Finding an immune certificate
    The immune certificate is the epidemic prevention certificate given during the vaccine. It must be a pet hospital for the pet hospital designated by the veterinarian station.
    3 To apply for a quarantine certificate and disinfection certificate
    This, immune certificate, immune certificate and dog lack of one. Bring these 3 kinds of local veterinary stations to apply for quarantine and disinfection certificate. The quarantine certificate includes a disinfection certificate.
    4 Fill in the trading order -weighing — payment
    The board of the bags at the railway station. The total amount of dogs and cages (self -provided) must not exceed 100 pounds. Consignment pets with luggage, the cost of pets depends on its weight and trains.
    5 Pay the car an hour in advance
    The staff of all goods after moving to the car and the luggage carriage to complete the procedures and fill in the escort order.
    6 During driving
    The timetable and a pass when handling the escort procedures. You can see the dog feeding water at a time, about ten minutes at a time.
    7 When getting off the car
    In half an hour in advance, take your luggage and go directly to the luggage compartment, because you need to fill in an opinion form

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