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  1. Pyrite in the Second Road.
    The pet market every Friday and Sunday (now the largest pet market in Xi'an) every Friday and Sunday. Pets such as cats and dogs are on the south road of the park.
    It bus: Education line, 8, 37, 102, 227, 300, 313, 526, 708, 714, 717, the north exit of Park South Road.

  2. I bought three dogs. Here you can tell you how to buy dogs. Oh, forgot to say that the Teddy I bought is 1500. It's healthy and lively now. And it is also pure, those who are three or five thousand are actually better blood or better. This dog is very clever and easy to raise. It is not much worried. You do n’t have to walk like a large dog. You must take care of it and worry. Let me tell you how to buy dogs, don't be deceived. Don't go to the dog market first, remember! The dog market will die in general. Second, the pet shop is generally very expensive, and it is easy to get sick within three days after buying. Third, it is unbelievable on the Internet. It is similar to Taobao. I have experienced two types of three cases. Taobao and pet shops. My friend sold it from the dog market. As a result, we buried the dogs in advance. Later, I learned that these places are the most prone to the dogs. On the weekly dog, as the name suggests, it is not the same as the week. So it is best to buy it directly to the dog house. It was also the method that the pet who raised pets told me. Until now, when I bought three dogs, I bought it like this.
    If the original poster, if you want to buy Teddy, I suggest you come here
    The professional area of ​​pet Chinese station, learn more about Teddy, and Thai you bought by everyone What do Di look like, choose the teddy you like, and then go to
    dog.chinapet/Inu House. They are also bought from here. There are many dog ​​houses, some are specifically made of teddy, and some who are specialized as shepherds. You can buy it after you understand Teddy’s knowledge. All three dogs were bought from here. They are also very responsible. After you buy it, they are also very concerned about the health of dogs. All three dogs in my family bought this way. And there are no regional problems, and they can be carried out. These dogs are honest to tell the truth. They are better in dog houses. Whatever the vaccines are made. If the monthly number is not enough Two stitches, and very pure. Even after buying, the dogs are very concerned about the health of the dog, and you can ask the dogs at any time. So rest assured. After I bought a dog several times, I really didn't dare to buy it casually. Not only spending money, but also sad, sometimes buying dogs from pet shops. A dog is 2000, and it costs more than 2,000 light cure. I hope you will be helpful to the original poster! By the way, the host can go to
    It is described in detail here, including feeding, including disease prevention, including disease treatment, and so on. And they are all raising Teddy. If you have any questions in the future, you can ask directly, because they are all kinds of dogs, so they are more targeted and their answers are also professional. The key is to know more. After understanding, you have a bottom -out when you buy it to prevent being deceived. Hope to help you

  3. My family bisder was bought at the south of Wenyi Road ...
    has a lot of it, and the appearance is still good ... Toys Teddy 1500 ...

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