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  1. Dogs can let it drink more water because of a cold, and give it some medicines such as children's cold granules or souls. When a dog has respiratory diseases and symptoms of cough, you can give it drugs such as Bestannning and Amoxicillin. You can also give the dog some cough or cough, but don't give it too much.
    If it is not more than a month -old puppy, it is better to breastfeed, because the puppy's resistance is very weak, and the breast milk is rich in mother -source antibodies and some amino acids and nutrients necessary for puppy growth. Essence If there is no puppy fed by a mother, you can also choose some commercial -based pets for milk powder. It is common for goat milk powder. It is not recommended to drink milk and baby formula for dogs. When the dog is bigger, you can try some puppies for dog food.

  2. Pay attention to listen to whether the dog has a snoring sound like a bang when coughing. Yes, there is sputum; no, it is dry cough. Alas, forget it, just give it to a cough capsule to eat it. Three times a day, one by one at a time. [In the evening, give me a little cotton jacket and the cover. The small body pet dog is more afraid of cold than large dogs. ] Put the capsule when you do n’t get in, feed it with your fingers with your fingers, and feed it in a few times. It will not spit out. If you vomit the powder in ‘Huoxiang Zhengqi’ or in the capsule; diarrhea adds a powder in a norfloxacin capsule. Basically good. It's cold, pay attention to making a small cotton vest on your body [Make it with old clothes, how much can resist the cold, is it a lot of], it will be much better. You are so concerned about your dog, indicating that it is a lucky dog, and a owner who loves it [also a friend].

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe pathogens that cause the dog to catch a cold, like humans, are caused by virus or bacterial infections. The symptoms of manifestations include sneezing, cough, runny nose, softness, weakness, loss of appetite, etc., and fever can also occur. For dogs, you can take antiviral oral solution and plate blue root particles. When coughing, you can take a pediatric cough syrup to treat cough. Pay attention to the dog's cold and warm, avoid cold wind and cold, and increase the symptoms of colds. You can eat light foods such as white rice porridge and noodles.nHope to solve the problem for you, welcome your consultationnAsk it to cough at night, but then there is nothing else for other things.nIs that brand of medicine? How to use quantitynAnswer this situation. You can take pediatric cough syrupnYes, the dosage needs to see the drug instructionsnQuestionnnThis kind ofnAnswernthree times a daynEat 15 ml at a timenQuestion for more than 2 months of puppynAnswer a puppy for more than two months, you can eat it once in the morning and evening, and eat twice a daynHope to solve the problem for you, welcome your consultationnAsk a question or 15 ml?n回nMore 14nBleak

  4. Affairs of anti -inflammatory cough heat -clearing detoxification
    In weight, the general cough is good for a week, if you have blood or yellow snot, go to the hospital immediately! Intersection It's not a cold, cough

  5. Well, it is inevitable that dogs do not like medicine! Has he particularly liked to eat! Such as chicken liver, etc.! My dog ​​is sick and does not take medicine. We put it in a pile of chicken liver! It will eat when it is hungry! Or give him milk! Put the medicine into the milk! Wish your dogs soon recover!

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