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  1. There are many reasons for dogs to cough. First of all, bacterial respiratory infections are first considered. In addition to cough, dogs will also have abnormal conditions such as sneezing and runny nose. It is recommended to feed drugs containing polycin. Stone Gan San; in addition, there may be viral causes. Commonly includes general influenza viruses and canine plague or canine sub -influenza viruses. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

  2. Why do dogs cough? Cough can remove foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, especially the foreign objects in the trachea and bronchies. But if the continuous severe cough can lead to serious consequences. Coughing is the process of in vitality in the body of the dog's chest that inhale too much air in the chest. Cough is the most likely to find a dog's respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. The causes of dog cough mainly include respiratory diseases, lower respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular disease. It is mainly divided into three types: dry cough, wet cough and pain cough.

    The cough caused by respiratory diseases, including the inflammation and secretions caused by respiratory mucosa such as pharynx, laryngeal, trachea, and bronchial. Such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, laryngeal water, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, etc.
    2 cough caused by lung disease, such as pneumonia, lung health, pulmonary edema, tuberculosis, etc.
    3 Cough caused by some diseases such as heart, pleural, diaphragm, etc., such as pericarditis, pleurisy, pleuris, tuberculosis, pneumothorax, diaphragm tumor, etc. Coughing the disease of the respiratory tract, lung, heart and other organs, causing cough.

    The treatment
    It if a dog is light cough, do not need to be too nervous, because cough helps to remove sputum and foreign objects in the respiratory tract. When sputum exists, cough medicine should not be used.
    The frequent cough, non -sputum cough or dry cough or diseases (such as pleurisy) other than the respiratory tract should be treated in time, such as Bi Bei Bi, Loquat Cough syrup, etc.

  3. Take the refreshing clean and clean, special medicine for treating dog respiratory diseases, the effect is very good and will not have adverse effects.

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