2 thoughts on “What kind of medicine is good for dogs to cough?”

  1. If you want dogs fast, you need to treat symptoms such as colds. You can take cold medicine and cough symptoms to take cough medicine so that dogs will be fast,
    ordinary dogs eat it. Generally, dogs eat it. Cold and cough medicines are Sennin and Funo. You can eat it for the dogs, or you can take it to a pet hospital for treatment, but you must not treat the dogs and avoid the disease to become more serious.
    This can supplement the dogs to supplement vitamins and nutrients for dogs, so that dogs will be fast. Generally, after a dog has a cold, you can put a carpet or fabric on the dog's nest or floor on its stomach, and the symptoms of sneezing and runny nose will be slowed down after warmth.
    If the dog flowing yellow nose and coughing, it is likely not to have a cold and cough, but to get pneumonia. Generally, the dogs with pneumonia will show the symptoms of flowing yellow nose, cough and phlegm, and fever. It only needs to check the color of the dog's nose, or whether the cough has sputum.
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  2. Cough is because there is a problem with the respiratory tract and a problem with the respiratory tract. You can take the dog in time to take a long way to treat it.

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