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  1. Which feng shui raising pets will have good luck
    Which feng shui raising pets will have good luck. When living in a new house, pay attention to the problems of Feng Shui. Don't put some items related to Yin people at home. Let the family prosper and wealth can be recruited. The knowledge of Feng Shui who lives can allow us to learn. Now what Feng Shui to raise pets will have good luck.
    The Feng Shui pets will have good luck. 1. The northwest of the family has a balcony or the gate facing northwest, suitable for breeding pet
    and often brings good luck because of breeding pets. For example, there is no habit of raising pets, and suddenly I like pets. That must be because of changing the environment of living, and the new place where there is generally there are generally balconies in the northwest. This kind of situation implies that you will bring good luck because of pets. For example, it is easy to be promoted, raised, or easy to get some foreign wealth and expected wealth.
    . There is a fish tank in the southeast of the home. This kind of feng shui is most suitable for pets
    No matter what it is, it can be successful and basically no accident. The feelings between the owner and the pet must be better. At the same time, the southeast position is the square, and the feng shui science is said to be "a spoonful of water can save the poor". Therefore, the Feng Shui of this pattern also indicates that you not only keep pets, but also bring good luck because of pets. Essence Especially for friends who work in the unit, or work with culture, education and other work, it is even more beneficial. Naturally, it also brings good reading for children at home.
    . The southeast position at home is missing. This type of apartment is also easy to bring good luck because of pets
    The people say that the house is not good. In fact, there are several rooms in the city. Is there no shortage of horn? Few. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the corner of the house is not necessarily bad. For example, in the "Five Songs of Tianyuan", the straight units have only two orientation, and there are no other six orientation houses. For example, the house is sitting north to south, long, not square type. Nowadays, although there are many angles, it is now a very strong house. If you do n’t believe your friends, you can pay attention to observation. But the southeast lack is suitable for pets, but it is well raised. This is mystery. It will also bring unexpected good results to your wealth, work, and family.
    The Feng Shui taboos with good fortune pets with good luck
    taboos one:
    It pets must first avoid unsuitable pets, then we determine according to the zodiac, for example, for example Taking cats and dogs as an example, pet cats and dogs often raised by people are not suitable for cats. Do you know what do you know? Because the cat is actually the tiger of the family, the tiger and the monkey are opposite, there are no tigers in the mountains, and the monkey is called the king.
    So you still dare to raise cats? Can't be raised. People who belong to the dragon cannot raise dogs. Dragons and dogs are also rushing. Do not go to raising chickens and birds. Chicken is birds, rabbits, and chickens, so we first know that I am that I am Chicken, can the chicken be raised? You can't raise rabbits. If you are rabbits, you cannot raise chickens. If you are chickens, you cannot raise rabbits. This is the first, we come according to your zodiac.
    Taboo two:
    The best is based on your destiny. What kind of fate is you, different fate to raise different pets, this everyone has this concept. Then if you come to raise pets according to your own zodiac, some zodiac pets may not be able to raise. For example, I want to raise a dragon. The dragon is a legend. Of course, the snake is also a dragon, the snake is a dragon. I belong to the dragon and I raise a snake, which may not be appropriate. What should I do? There are other ways to change. The mascot of the snake is the year of the snake. There are many snakes in the streets and alleys. Children also play. Right, it is not a real snake, but it is a mascot of a snake, which is okay.

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