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  1. Humans attach importance to naming, not only reflected in the name of our human beings, but also the naming of small pets raised at home. Modern people's living standards have improved, and every family likes to raise small pets, especially dogs, not only for them to be delicious and delicious, but also give them a nice foreign name. It reflects the cultural literacy of the owner, and it also plays the role of wealthy owner. So how to give the dog a bilateral name and give the owner a good luck and auspicious? I have introduced the content of the following articles, you may wish to refer to one or two!

    Theniced dog name name method
    1. Name the dog in English.
    This names to the dog with good meaning in English are the most foreign. If you still want the dog's name to recruit money, he is very auspicious to the owner, then you must translate it in English into a good word in Chinese. For example, Many, Million, FITCH, DOLLOR, Happy, Lucky, Max, Zeus and so on.
    2. Take foreign names according to the characteristics of the dog. rn 狗狗的品种很多,如果根据外型来分,分为大型犬、小型犬,一边体型小一点的像博美,可以给它们取名小美、媚娘、多多、小妮、嘉Jia et al., Large dogs can be named milk, pudding, candy and the like.
    3. Use your favorite brand to name the dog.
    With the improvement of material levels, modern people generally pay attention to the quality of life. They generally pursue brand names and even luxury goods. The brand that has been purchased for the dogs that have been purchased will not only be foreign, but also very good, but also very good. Entrepreneurship, such as Chanel, Hermes, Dior, BMW, Mercedes -Benz and the like.
    4. Use characters in film and television dramas, cartoons, games, etc. to name the dog.
    Ke is the name of a large dog in "Dog Battle". The translation is Duke. In English, it refers to a very high status Western nobleman. Western style.
    5. Name the dog with food.
    If the owner is a foodie, then you can use food to name the dog, and it is very popular to name the dog in modern times. If the puppy you raise is white, you can name the ice cream, ice cream and the like Other colors can be named chocolate, coffee, cola, Sprite, pudding, cheese, rice grains, hair cakes, dumplings and the like.
    6. Based on the owner's name, name the dog.
    Dogs are our loyal friends. Generally, dog raising dogs will treat them as family members. Therefore, when named the dogs, they will bring their own lives. For example, Chen Weiting will name the dog at home. It is called Chen Data, who is not only with the owner's surname, and the dog's name is also wealthy.
    7. The words that mean good luck and auspicious wealth are named.
    This Chinese characters are profound and profound, each has its own meaning, and there are many words that mean good meanings. It is suitable for the name of the dogs. The auspicious name is not difficult, such as Blessing, Cai Cai, Wangcai, Fortune, Cuihua, etc. Although these names sound a bit tacky, the vulgarity is both elegant and more tacky words. Give the dogs to take the dogs to take the dog. The name is more tide.
    The bi -style dog name name
    1. Directly uses the word of wealth to mean auspicious words.
    This names for dogs to recruit wealth Geely. In fact, the owner is the most direct way. all good. But such words should not be used directly, with other self, the western spirit is not tacky.
    . The method of metaphor is named
    If the dog's name is tacky, then the words with wealth, auspicious, etc. The name of the words with a good fortune of money, such as Ruyi, auspicious, Koi, etc., this name is not only prosperous, but also abnormal.
    The bi -style dog name recommendation
    Thenamed is not tacky for dogs. English is the most direct. The meaning is also very good. It has a golden and shiny meaning. It is suitable for names for dogs. It is especially suitable for golden retriever. It means wealth, wealth, and wealth and signs.
    . Although Koi is an online buzzword, it means good. It is a high -end ornamental fish, which is full of ornamental value and is loved by people; modern refers to everything related to good luck; For example, people with good luck may bring good luck. Name for dogs is not only foreign, but also means good luck to the owner.
    I seven is the role in the TV series "God Dog Little Seven". Dog. The name of Xiao Qi or Qizai is named by his dog, and the name is very nice, and it feels very foreign.
    Mei Niang
    Min Niang is the name of a little bitch, and it is also the name of a small dog. When it comes to the name Mei Niang, I will think of Bomei. Very beautiful, very suitable for the name Mei Niang.
    rich and rich
    The name wealth is a bit tacky at first glance, but in fact it is used in ancient times. The former name was Fugui. Now use it to name the dog. The wealth is very foreign in modern times, and the meaning is very good, rich and noble.
    In more foreign dog names
    , Lai Cai, Wangcai, Auspicious n Ruyi, Dafu, Da Gui, Six Six R
    Mei Niang, Fu Dou, Fuxing

    Tao Dao, Niu Niu, General, Prince
    Rice ball, bean paste, Audi, ingot n koi, Huayan, Baylor, Duoduo n Luo Luo Special, Aoqi, Earl, Danny
    puffs, pudding, cheese, biscuits
    Dior, sugar cake, Rui Rui, Aibi n pottery, squirrel, Huanhuan, Lele r r r r r r r r r r r r
    An An, Coca -Cola, Sprite, Tiger
    grapefruit, orange, grapes, beans
    sweet, precious, beautiful maiden, Xiaohua n Xiaoqi, Nian Nian, Duo Duo, Beta, Beta
    Earl, Leo, Witcher, Barton
    Red, white board, captain, Leo
    stock, lottery, Qixi, Beta n Xiaoxin, Nobita, Yingying, Jiji
    Chanel, Hermes, Fruit Orange
    Guru, Duoduo, a lot of money

    David, KE, LUCY, Danae
    Many, Million, FITCH, DOLLOR
    happy, lucky, max, zeus

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