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  1. The related supplies prepared to take a bath
    The bathing for the dog not only understands the relevant precautions during the bath, but also understand what tools you use to take to take to take to take. What happened. Many diseases are caused by improper operation of ourselves, so we must pay attention to.
    It if you go to the beauty shop to take a bath, we only need to prepare a clean water absorption towel. If you are used to bathing milk you bought with your own, you can bring it. If you are so prepared for the dogs, you need to prepare more.
    Moch bathing tools such as bathing milk, towels, and water blowers must be prepared. If it is in winter, it is best to turn on the air conditioner. In addition to preparing these, you must prepare hemostatic clamps, cotton, and ear washing to help the dog clean the ear canal. After all, the ears cannot be eaten for a long time, and this is also to help clean up the water in the ear when bathing in the bath. Essence It is also necessary to prepare nail cutting, as well as hemostatic powder to help the dog clean up the nails. If you dare not handle it, you can only go to the pet shop. The last is to prepare a pet shaved device, because the bottom hair, the soles of the feet, and the hair around the anus need to be cleaned. Another thing to note is that some owners will clean up the urine hair on the male dog JJ. These hairs have the effect of urine to prevent random spray, so do not clean up.

  2. [1. Bathture]
    Is please prepare a bathtub suitable for dogs according to the size of the dog's body. If it is a large dog, you can let the dog stand in the bathroom.
    This must be prepared for a proper bathtub. The height is best half of the height of the dog. The size is slightly larger than the dog. It is required to accommodate the dog and does not affect the bending operation when bathing. It is best to put rubber pads or towels at the bottom of the bath to prevent the dog from slipping. The height and size of the sink are appropriate, with sufficient supply of hot and cold water, equipped with a small platform for shower and drying the dog after bathing. After bathing, clean and disinfect the sink. When bathing the dog in the bathtub, people are best to put on a waterproof apron to prevent the splashed water from wet clothes.
    [2. Dedicated incense]
    is similar to human shampoos, but the ingredients are often different from people. It is recommended that you better use pets for pets.
    [3. Large water cup]
    When the dog is given a fragrant wave, it can be used to rinse the foam on the body.
    [4. Towel]
    Please prepare a special towel for the dog, use a towel to suck the excess body of the body for the dog.
    [5. Cotton swab]
    When the dog is bathing, the water is easy to fulfill the dog's ears. In order to prevent the dog's ears from being infected, you can use a cotton swab to wipe the dog's ear canal.
    [6. Haraper]
    The work above is completed. Finally, the fur of the dog's fur with a warm air hair dryer can make the dog's hair dry faster, and reduce the dog's dog Skin disease.
    [7. Sworing tools]
    In the combing tool to help the dog sort out the hair to avoid being knotted by the hair.
    The bathing helps to remove certain skin parasites, and it is very beneficial to dry and oily skin. Sometimes veterinarians may suggest that you use medicinal baths and regulators. You should use it strictly in accordance with the product manual.
    Note: Some dogs who are not very happy to take a bath will jump out of the bathtop while you don't pay attention to run around, leaving wet footprints and water stains. At this time, the dog needs to be restricted in the bathtub with a shower fixed cable. Some long hair dogs are thick and are not easy to wet. It is undoubtedly easier to use shower. Small plastic buckets can rinse the dog's body, and can also be used as a container that dilutes the bath.

  3. Sworing the work
    In before the official bath, we must sort out work and sort out the hair knot on the body. In this way, it can avoid more serious after Mao Jie encounters water.

    In the preparation of maintenance
    This pumping balls into the dog's ears to prevent the ears from getting water during bathing. Pay attention to dog breeds with ears.

    The flush
    This water temperature should be between 36 degrees and 37 degrees. During the flushing process, we must rush the hair of the whole body, especially the two -layer -made dog breed.

    The anal glands
    Anal glands must be cleaned regularly for it by squeezing. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will occur, which will seriously cause anal gland inflammation.

    The bath liquid
    Moly pH and alkali of human skin, so you must choose pets for dogs with different acid and alkali. Put your whole body with a bath and rub and massage.

    The flushing
    The flushing is to rinse the bath liquid this time, so as not to let the bath liquid remain on the body.

    Wipe and blow dry
    Plip the water on the body as much as possible with a towel, so that you can leave a lot of strength when you blow the air. Note that the hair dryer must be blown and not to be dried naturally, otherwise it will cause skin diseases.

    Sub -work
    Puled the cotton balls in the ears first, and then began to cut nails, shave the soles of the feet, and then sort out the work. Clean your ears and eyes to use ear oil and night.

  4. The following information, please read patiently and carefully! Intersection It's all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experience! Intersection I hope there should be some help to you! Intersection Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Many people are very emotional, and they say that dogs will cry and tears. Of course, sometimes the dog crying is because of fear or sadness, they will cry and be helpless and silent. I remember in the morning in the summer, I went to study. At that time, I was still very early. You can see a small truck near our community stopped there. Several people wearing clothes with the same colors, holding a long one in my hands One thing is like an iron rod, but because the distance is too far away, there are still a few middle -aged women in pajamas yelling. 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These health problems will be reflected in eye feces, so dog -eye feces are also unavoidable. 2. You can treat small treatment: If the dog suddenly has an increase in eye feces, you need to pay attention to see if the dog's eyes are crying, and see if the eyes are particularly red. Cause. You can give it a little bit of chloride eye drops for people. Generally, inflammation caused by small stimuli will be used. Usually take a day, the dog's eyes, tears, and red eyes will quickly improve. If it takes a day or two to show no signs of improvement, then you need to take the dog to see the doctor. 3. Dogs with long hair and light colors are important to clean the eye shit in time: Of course, there are also this situation. Dogs are more eye feces. This is always the case. There is no abnormal work in time. It is a pale long -haired dog. Due to a lot of hair, long -haired dogs are easy to enter the eyes. Although, you will find that the eyes of dogs are sensitive than people. Sometimes when you see the root hair in its eyes, it will not have any uncomfortable performance. However, Mao Mao's eyes will definitely be stimulated by the eyes, so long -haired dogs can easily produce brown eye feces, or more eye feces. For this kind of dog, it is important to clean up eye shit than short hair and dark dogs. Because it is not cleaned in time, the eye shit will want to dye the hair under the dog's eyes as reddish brown like a dyeing agent. If you want to wash this color, it can be said to be harder than heaven. Dogs that are easy to form tears because of eye shit: Bisheng, noble ladies, ancient shepherds, long beard sheep dogs, Polly, Kemeng, Xishi, light chopsticks (easy to cause inflammation of the eyes because of the inner eyelashes). This dog is characterized by large eyes, long hair around the eyes, and light hair. Second, dog eyes tears: First of all, you need to know what the reason for your dog flowing tears? 1. In terms of diet: If your dog eats a lot of taste, then you need to pay attention. Tear marks are likely to be the reason for this. Hurry up to change the lightness, without salt It will cause too much tears due to food sensitivity (dog food is important, sometimes changing dog food, you will find unexpected effects, depending on what dog food is suitable for your dog). 2. Fire: If your dog's urine is very yellow, it is usually unwilling to drink water, and tears are likely to be the reason for this. Usually drink plenty of water, adding some apple cider vinegar in the water can also play a certain role. The brand is not limited. If you add a bottle of a cap, if you are concentrated, add less and add a few drops. 3. Beauty problem: This is the easiest to discover. If you find that the hair around the dog's eyes always tie the eyes, the hair around the eyes is too long, and the eyes are stimulated. Cut. 4. Luck glands blocked: This is more troublesome. You need a little cure. Eye potion must be available. You can use "Langbert Zesi Weuren-Tears of Tears", a bottle of 25 yuan. There are also Willdi and so on. (Massage the corners of the eye, this is very important, don't finish the eye drops, you need to massage). 5. There are also to dig the ears frequently, pull the ear hair, and the dirty things in the ears are also easy to shed tears; or someone in the family smoke or live in the living environment. There is also a reason that the dogs have a lot of tears in the dogs.
    The method of going to dog tears: ① Pet shops have potions that sell tear marks, try it. ② Cut the yellow hair. ③ Stick to wash your face in the morning and evening warm water. ④ In the matching of treasured eye drops, if the inflammation is severe, you can use chlorine per vegetarian, but do not use it every day. ⑤ Removing the tear marks can not be removed a day or two. The most basic thing is to pay attention to diet. It is best to eat dog food. Don't give it too salty foods that people eat. There will also be dog skin (that is, equivalent to human dandruff), abnormal hair removal phenomenon, severe phenomenon of liver hydrostatic and liver edema. ⑥ or dipped in the drinking tea you drank with a cotton gauze, and it will improve significantly after a period of time.

  5. Hello, you want to take a bath before you prepare 1. The type of towel can absorb water 2. Dog dogs dedicated shower gel 3. You can blow ok. If you are idle, you can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. You can use it. Dogs special perfumes hope to help you ... Sneeper Toby Ruby's owner answered

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