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  1. What are the aspects of taking a bath for pets
    What do you need to pay attention to when bathing pets? Because life is rich now, many people will raise pets at home. Pets must be responsible for pets, and they must also take care of pets carefully in daily life. Here is what you need to pay attention to when taking a bath for your pets.
    What aspects of bathing for pets 1
    1. Before bathing, you must sort out the hair before bathing, so that you can combine the wrapped hair to prevent the tangled knot more serious; you can also put the hair more serious; you can also put it more seriously; you can also put it more seriously; you can also put it more seriously; you can also put it more serious; you can also put it more serious; you can also put it more seriously. You can also put it more seriously; The large dirt is removed, which is easy to wash.
    2. Especially the surroundings of the mouth, the behind the ear, the underarms, the inside of the stock, and the tip of the toe. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of the dog, hold the root of the hair in one hand and sort out the other hand.
    3. The temperature of the bath water should not be too high and low. Generally, it is appropriate to have 36-37 degrees in spring.
    4. Be sure to prevent the shampoo from flowing into the eyes or ears of the dog when taking a bath. It should be thoroughly flushed. Do not keep the soap foam or shampoo on the dog to prevent dermatitis from exciting skin.
    5. The time for bathing pet dogs does not have strict regulations. In the high temperature and humid season, you can take a bath once every 1-2 weeks and dry them in cold. Winter can take a bath every 3 weeks. Of course, if the pet dog has just added exercise or travels back, you can also take a bath to remove the dust and dirt on the body, and keep your body clean.
    6. Bathing of pet dogs is not a difficult thing. As long as you make relevant preparation, you can start bathing it. To take a bath for pet dogs, you need to prepare enough bathtubs, towels, combed comb, and pets for cleaning. Before taking a bath for pet dogs, we must sort out its hair. Even if the hair of the pet dog is short, it must be sorted out and sorted out. Then prepare warm water to take a bath.
    7. When taking a bath, first wet the dog's body with clean water, and then put some pet fragrance waves, rub the dog's body gently with both hands. The neck, limbs, buttocks, etc. The parts that are easy to accumulate dirt must be completely rubbed. Of course, when cleaning the sensitive parts such as the abdomen, chest, head, head, must be gentle and slow. Do not paint pet dogs.
    Although bathing for pets is not a very troublesome thing, there are still many places to pay attention to. Especially after cleaning the pets, you need to use a towel to wipe the wet hair in time, and then use a hair dryer to quickly dry dry, so as to avoid cold.
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    1. Water temperature
    The water temperature must be appropriate, otherwise the dog will burn the dog. If it is hot, how can it not be afraid? I would definitely resist when I was afraid! The point is that the temperature of the water bathing the dog must be lower than the water temperature of the bath. You can try it on your back.
    Is to remember that the head and buttocks are sensitive areas, and the water temperature must not be high. Of course, we must also keep in mind the problem of the eyes and nose and mouth. If you let it take a shower when you take a bath, it is estimated that it has been a nightmare that it cannot forget.
    . Bathing method
    It should take the correct way when bathing puppies. Rinse gently with a shower and rinse slowly from behind the nose. What needs to be noted here is not to let water flow into your ears. Some nose is too short, it is very easy to catch a cold, and it will also cause cough.
    Finally, clean the sides of the body's torso. After washing, immediately wrap the dog's head and dry it back and forth. The body is wiped with towels, and then dried with a hair dryer. During the blowing process, it must continue to go back and forth until it is completely dry!
    3. Bathing frequency
    The owner must not feel that the dog's hair is too long, and it is easy to take a bath every day. Bathing to the dog every day will destroy the oil on the surface of the dog's skin and reduce the protection of the surface of the skin. Reducing is easy to be affected by external bacteria.
    4. Washing supplies
    The pH value of the dog's skin is different from people, so when bathing the dogs, it is convenient for the dogs and use it to use the toilet products used by people. If you are employed, itching, dry skin and other problems will occur. In severe cases, it will be allergic. Then don't use mint inside, because this kind of bad body for dogs, some may be sensitive to skin diseases.

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