5 thoughts on “Want to raise a dog, in what season is the best for a puppy?”

  1. It is best to buy dogs in autumn. There is no virus. In the high incidence of viruses in spring, human virus is also more occurred in spring, and the dog is the same. Even if you do n’t go out in the house, you will be infected. Haha. Buy winter without bacteria.

  2. Dogs are the elves of human language. It is indeed a relatively good pet, and it can also make people forget. I suggest raising in autumn, because autumn is a very cool season, which is greatly helpful for the growth of the dog!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Xiao Chen, your question will be answered by me. It takes a while to sort out the answer. Please wait patiently for 5 minutes ~nHello, summer and autumn are more suitable. Viruses such as small canine plague are high in winter and spring. The high temperature period can inhibit virus transmission.nSpring is the season of estrus, mating, reproduction, and hair change in dogs, and also the breeding season of virus, bacteria and parasitesnSo it's not suitablenBut if you buy puppies, it is best to buy it in autumn, which is easier to raise. It doesn't matter much, and the room will not be cold. As long as you can find a reliable puppy, don't go to the dog market, there will generally be sick there.nI hope to help you, I wish you a happy life, if you can, you can like it, thank you [Flower]n4 morenBleak

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