Which one is smarter for pet dogs and native dogs, some of the families are suitable for raising

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  1. 01 Pet dog varieties are more diverse and more diverse, more in line with the public's aesthetics, and the soil dog varieties are not very good. Therefore, soil dogs are mostly raised in the countryside and are more freely, while pet dogs are mostly in the city and are used to raising themselves. They are raised as children.
    02 The status of pet dogs in the family is gradually rising, and some have even replaced the child's status. When the pet dogs urinate or bite things, they will not be criticized, and the owner will work during the day to work more during the day. There will be no more companionship for pets, only short time to accompany at night.
    03 In fact, the IQs of pet dogs are not much different from one year old. The IQs are equivalent to young children of 3-4 years old, but you need to spend a lot of time to train it to reward and train it like a child. It requires a lot of patience, because it does not understand what you are saying you can only remember what you say and then it needs to make the corresponding movement, and the earth dog is almost completely free. At this time, the beating is disgusted. At this time, the psychological changes of the dog will grow quickly as humans. Because they have experienced a lot, they will mature faster, so it is generally obedient and sensible because the soil dogs are realized. Throsty may be beaten or hungry
    04 In fact, no matter which dog is, native dogs are also a living life, not my Virgin, I am not eating meat, just in a certain certain way In some specific circumstances, you have to treat your life well. The pet's life is short or even a few years of life. In your life, it may be just a passer -by. When you scold it in a blink of an eye, it will shake the tail to please you. When you are unhappy, it will comfort you and even quietly accompany you. 05 My family has raised two dogs. One is a Chinese pastoral dog, that is, the soil dog, and the current border herd. The Chinese pastoral dog was raised when I was in junior high school. Looking at me, I was passing by but was completely attracted by its eyes. It can be seen that the soil dog is still more spiritual.
    06 Bian Mu is called redundant child. I was used to buy pocket money to buy pocket money when I was in college. When I was home, my mother said that it was an extra part of the family. Surgery. Pet dogs are also more humane and will not eat random.
    07 Tu Dog and Pet Dogs, I have all raised it. As for which dog will be better, it can only be the benevolent see the wisdom and wisdom.

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