1 thought on “Is it okay to wear a dog? The three types of pet dogs are not suitable for dressing”

  1. Dogs with emergency temper are not suitable for dressing. The emotions of dogs when they wear clothes are more excited. In the future, what posture is; dogs with skin diseases or tickling old love are not suitable for dressing. The emotions of dogs and dogs who have a temper -noise when wearing clothes are more excited. After putting on the clothes, you want to get rid of the dog clothes, bite the decoration and sleeve with your mouth.
    Igly: Do n’t wear this kind of dogs who like to bite clothes, save money

    The gesture of the dog's clothes in the future is just a stance, staying motionlessly, like stiffness. It is about Bicheng who feels that wearing clothes is uncomfortable and uncomfortable. There is no way, this money is saved.

    The dogs with skin diseases or itchy skin that loves itching or likes to catch dogs. And easy to catch clothes. Dog claws are a kind of destructive clothes, especially some silk clothes, such as Tang clothes, the price is very high, and it will be scratched after several times. Buying some delicious clothes is too wasteful.

    The precautions for dressed dogs 1. Do not put on the dog for a long time, wear it when you go out, and take it off when you come back. R n. Pay attention to the fabrics of dog clothes, and choose natural fabrics such as cotton and pure hair (you want to be real), which can minimize the skin allergies, itching and the like, and it can be reduced. It also reduces the damage to the dog's fur by static electricity;
    3. Choose a fitted dog clothes. You don't have to talk about this.

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