5 thoughts on “What season is good to buy dogs and not afraid of getting sick?”

  1. The dogs are almost the same when they buy it. It depends on whether the owner takes good care of it. The puppy born in winter can bear the cold and cold survival, and the resistance will be better. It will be better. Essence
    The puppy can not take a bath within a month of the new home.
    The vaccine is timely. Before immune, do not bring your dog to contact your companions
    Do not feed milk, chocolate, fruits, onions, too sweet, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty, too salty , Too spicy and cold foods, bones cannot be fed, feed less liver and seafood
    don't feed too much, feed dog food in accordance with the doctor's order
    Dry the dog completely, and the humid hair will cause the parasitic of mites

  2. It is estimated that there is no impact on the season, but pay attention to the puppy's nose. Generally, the nose is dry.

  3. You can buy a dog in any season. You must remember to take the vaccine on time after buying home. If you get a vaccine dog, you will have resistance. Generally, minor illnesses can cope with. Also, many people like to buy dogs born in winter and have a small taste. The summer taste is great. This depends on personal preference. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the health of the dog, it is very good.

  4. It is best to buy it in summer. The dog is not so easy to get sick in summer, it will be estrus in spring, there are many mosquitoes in autumn, and the winter is too cold

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