What season is the best to buy dogs, please ask everyone, thank you

What season is the best to buy dogs?

2 thoughts on “What season is the best to buy dogs, please ask everyone, thank you”

  1. Don't buy it in spring, there is nothing wrong with the recovery of all things, and the bacteria are still active at this time, which is a high incidence of dogs. Winter is relatively safe. Do not buy a lot of dogs in the dogs, because there are too many dogs to cross infections. Healthy puppies should be bright eyes and gods; lively expression; no eye shit and secretions in the eyes; fine and humid nose skin; clean ears, no secretions and inflammation; clean anus, no feces, redness and swelling, etc. The phenomenon is shiny and shiny; the body is fat and thin, the amount of hair is compared; the appetite is strong, and the energy is full; the dog's stool has a uniform and regular shape, and the whole strip has a link; the color is shiny, the hardness is moderate; the urine is pale yellow. Go to buy it in the early winter of the snow, remember not to let it cool ~~~

  2. Winter is better, just pay attention to keeping it warm ~ Puppy can first buy so many furniture, you can luxury to buy a foot warmer ~ For example, buying dogs in summer should pay attention to a lot of things, such as: the weather is too hot to say that the weather is too hot You can't turn on the air conditioner, the puppy will catch a cold. Pay attention to the food of puppy, because the bacteria breeding in summer is relatively fast ~ wait ~

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