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  1. Dogs do not need to wear clothes in winter. Although the owner thinks that the dog will be cold, it will help the dog to wear a piece of clothes, but in fact, the dog does not like to wear clothes, especially shoes, but they cannot resist. It may be nothing to wear for short hair dogs, but for long hair dogs, clothes make the dog feel uncomfortable. Dogs do not need to wear clothes in winter, dogs do not need to wear clothes alone, but because the temperature in winter is relatively low, the owner is worried that the dog will wear it when you get cold. Like to wear clothes, especially shoes, but they can't resist. It may be nothing to wear for short hair dogs, but for long -haired dogs, clothes will make them feel uncomfortable, and some materials of clothes are very easy to cause the dog's static electricity. Harm, but it has a certain impact on their bodies.

    News notice for dogs and dogs 1. Do not wear it for a long time: try not to wear the dog for a long time, wear it when you go out, you can take it off when you come back, you can avoid knotting, itching, etc. question. 2. Clothing fabric: Generally, the selection of clothes for dogs should be natural fabrics such as cotton and pure hair, which can minimize the skin allergies, itching, etc. Essence 3. Molescase: Choose the clothes that fit the dogs. Too tight dogs will be uncomfortable, too loose and can not achieve the effect of keeping warm. 4. Do not need to be too thick: Under the intimate care of the owner, the dogs are mostly nutritious. They have strong physical resistance, so they do not need too thick clothes.

    This dogs who are not suitable for clothes 1. Temperament: If the dog shows his temper more irritable when he is wearing clothes, and hiding from Tibet everywhere, then the shovel officers must pay attention to Even if you put on your clothes, you will think of tearing it with your mouth. 2. Do n’t move in clothes: Some dogs are postponed after wearing clothes. It ’s just like stiffness. It’ s probably that wearing clothes to limit themselves. Don't put on your dog in this situation. 3. Skin disease: Ichy skin or scratching here if you like it, you can scratch it even more, so that you can scratch the clothes through the clothes, it is easy to scratch the clothes, causing unnecessary waste. It is better to buy some delicious food for dogs. 4. Long -haired dog: If it is a long -haired dog, for example: Yorkshire, Xi Shi, etc., then do not mind dressing the dogs and dresses, the appearance is beautiful. The dogs are easy to knot on clothes.

    The method of cleaning of dog clothes 1. Separate cleaning: In general, the clothes of the dog's clothes are different from the steps of washing people, but it should be noted that the dog's clothes must be with people's clothes. Wash separately. 2. Moisturizing agent: You can use the cleaning agent of human clothes to wash the dog's clothes. If you can have a pet -dedicated disinfectant, it will more effectively kill the parasitic eggs that are easily contaminated by pet clothes. 3. Color care: If you wash clothes and protect the clothes of dogs with clothes, you can not only extend the service life of dog clothes, but also maintain bright colors for a long time to make the clothes softer.

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