3 thoughts on “How to summon the pets in the wow hunter pet manual?”

  1. The pets in the pet manual are non -combat pets. Except when participating in pets, they do not show skills and blood bars. The pets arrested by the hunters are fighting pets. These two are not the same. Hold down Shift P, choose the pet you want to summon, click the summon in the interface to appear. The little pet in the pet manual will always follow the player to move, and will not be killed. Fighting will display pet talents and various skills and blood bars under the character interface.
    The hunter's combat pets will not be added to the pet manual information. Because the pet manual shows the player's little pet, not a fighting pet.

  2. The one in the pet manual is called a little friend who cannot fight. Pets that can fight, press C — pet. Inside. Hunter pets have to catch them by themselves, all kinds of animals

  3. Ben, 15 seconds, summon all the BBs of LR, but refer to the 5 babies you bring.
    The summoned BB can use its special skills, such as spiders. Essence Essence (However, according to visual inspection, not all BBs will put skills.)
    mades that are inserted into your current BB, but it is recommended not to insert it. Essence You know!
    It, it feels cool, just give it the best!

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