In order to buy a horse, he threw 30 million. Is there a luxury in the royal family in Dubai?

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  1. On September 10th, the Dubai chief threw 30 million yuan to buy a horse and attracted the attention of the United States, which shocked the entire horse forum. For a while, there were divergent opinions, and the luxury of the royal family in Dubai was really unimaginable.
    The horses bought at the time were Australian champions "Yao Ma Fengchi", and this time the purchase amount was unprecedented. At that time, the chief also said that he liked horses very much, and he had been looking for the championship. As long as he could win the championship, it would be expected.
    . In 15 years, "Forbes" commented on the 10 most richest royal family in the world, and the chief of Dubai ranked fourth. It can be seen that this is not the most tyrant. The people in the Dubai royal family are soil, and they are basically private planes. The sports that like are flying saucers, and there are also countless cars. There are countless cars. Various luxury cars are like cabbage. Essence
    The horse racing is a very obsessed thing in the royal family. The values ​​of their horses in their horses are very expensive. These horses naturally have their own use to prepare for the competition. The most terrible thing is that Dubai chasing the stars. If you like horse racing, you will launch the World Cup, and you will send retired racer Xiaoshima. There are countless things. They will also organize sports and live very comfortably.
    The pets they raised are different from others. Most of the people raising pets are raising small meows or pet dogs, and they are very domineering. They are all tigers or lions. It looks very scary, and it can only be said that they are more brave. The people in Dubai are quite luxurious, and the royal family of Dubai is even more luxurious, but this should be very common for them. After all, they have been at the end of others since childhood.

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