5 thoughts on “How to raise a pet dog?”

  1. Pay attention to your diet. Do not feed puppies chocolate and onions. These are delicious for people and poison for dogs.

  2. Strong suggestion: First, walk the dog to hold the rope. Second, bring a bell to the dog. Some people do n’t understand. Now the urban roads are concrete roads. The dog walks with a small sound. Suddenly, one of you comes out of you ... Third, bring your mouth to prevent bite. Fourth, large -scale dogs are prohibited in urban communities. Fifth, the dog bites the dog. Six, stray dogs are resolutely humanistic, and most of the family -raising dogs are more hygienic. Stray dogs are not hygienic and easy to bring rabies virus. No one is responsible for biting people. Just take this one!

  3. It ’s good to feed 8 points. It is not afraid of being hungry, but afraid of full! If you ca n’t digest, you will be thinner.

  4. The collars and traction bands are necessary supplies when walking dogs, which can protect the safety of your dog and passersby.

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