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  1. Jiexie people do n’t have breakfast, only two meals a day. There is a cloud of folk proverbs: "At noon, the King of Golden, and the last six or six" —— Golden Empress and 169 are the varieties of corn and sorghum -that is, lunch lunch to eat corn noodles, and then eat red noodles. However, this is just the hope of the old people. The local crops are mainly wheat and sorghum. Most people wear sorghum to grind some soybeans and eat red noodles. Until the liberation, the corn was planted in large areas, and he ate the Golden Queen every day at noon every day! In the old days, there was no electric lighting, and the meal was allowed before the palm of the lamp. After eating, the meal should be at noon the next day, and the interval is too long. In the past, it was impossible to have abundant meals, and physical consumption needed to be added. Therefore, those who go to the ground and school must carry some dry food. In the 1950s, three meals were advocated, and it was limited to agencies and schools. From then on, there were breakfast stalls on the streets of the town. However, most of the locals buy a sesame cake and take it to the class to make up for it. Until now, many people still do not fire in the morning; the children of the farmhouse are studying at the boarding school, and they go to the classroom and do not go to the cafeteria without going to the morning exercises. They are used to them. It's just that snack foods are full of convenience. Three tones
    This people eat pasta, which cannot be separated from the three tones: salt, vinegar, and anecoid.
    The taste is a handful of salt. In the past, people lived hard, fishing a bowl of noodles, the dishes were simple, and they had to add some salt. Now that people's lives have changed greatly, there are various dishes, and they still need to adjust salt, get used to it! It is not exaggerated to say that Lao Laoer is jealous and vinegar. Every year in late autumn, almost every family uses mustard to make a cylinder of sauerkraut, which can be used to mix noodles. The sour taste is not vinegar, or a spoonful of vinegar.
    The people call it spicy, and the hemp is the pepper noodles. Many people have specialized iron equipment, such as pounding garlic bowls, which is slightly larger. Bake the dried red peppers on the fire to the crispy and develop it into powder for later use. Jiexie people eat peppers as Hunan and Sichuan people. A bowl of white noodles must be "dyed" into red.
    This did not say it. You have to go to the Mountains and go to the meal. Whether you enter the small rice shop or the big restaurant, you must have these three tones on the table. Four dishes
    usually visited at home, you have to entertain four dishes to show enthusiasm and grandness. These four plates can be rich and frugal, but they are also well -known, cold and hot. Wait for guests in winter, pinch a plate of mustard, cut the pork head into thin slices and cover it with a plate. If the life is tight, a plate of shrimp sauce will be stir -fry tofu, which will also be touched. This is the old story. Nowadays, even if you eat meals, it is a plate of dishes, and you will no longer bother to put together four dishes.

  2. 1. The title of my aunt

    The Buddhists are divided into four people, that is, they are both men and women and men and women at home. The monks are named "Bhikkhu", and the monks are named "Bhikkhuni". The men at home are called "You Po Sai", and the women at home are called "You Po Yi". For a period of time, almost all the people believed in Buddhism, that is, the vast majority of women became the era of "You Po Yi". Today, the name of "Aunt Aunt" is the abbreviation of "You Po Yi" in the past or the evolution of "Aunt You Po".

    2, found Jin Ping Mei

    In 1931, Ding Yiben's "Jin Ping Mei Words" of the 45th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty was discovered in Jiexiu, Shanxi. The "preface" of this version said that the author of "Jin Ping Mei" is a Shandong native of "Lanling Smile". Although this "Lanling laughs" makes life doubtful, there is a pseudonym of the author. At least, this version discovered in Jiexiu, Shanxi provided another saying for the author and the age of "Jin Pinghai".

    3, "vinegar fairy", Wang Laifu

    The history of vinegar in Shanxi is about 3,000 years. The 22 types of jealousy method summarized by the Northern Wei Jia Si in his famous book "Qi Min Yao Shu", some of which have verified that they are the brewing method of Shanxi people. Among them, the "酢 便 便 method" is the brewing method of "Shanxi Old Vinegar".

    During the Shunzhi period of the early Qing Dynasty, a "vinegar immortal" was released, named Wang Laifu. He opened a "beauty and residence" vinegar workshop in Xuchengguan in Qing Dynasty. Based on the white vinegar, he added vinegar to vinegar, boldly reforming, innovation, "winter fishing ice, summer and drying", and finally created the "old vinegar" in Shanxi. The brand named Lao Chen vinegar ranked first in the four famous vinegar in China.

    4, "jealous"

    For thousands of years, people have found that vinegar has many wonderful uses, and jealousy is indeed a good living habit. However, there is another saying on jealousy. The production of this "vinegar" is said to originate from the Tang Dynasty. Tang Taizong would accept the minister named Tang Xuanling, and the wife of the minister interfered. Taizong had no choice but to make the minister's wife choose one in drinking poison wine and Na Na. The wife of the minister was indeed a bit fierce, picking up the poisonous wine and drinking. After the minister's wife drank with tears, he found that the cup was jealous, and this "jealous" story was left. Therefore, there is a "jealousy" of the descendant "frustrated" people who regard "pride" and can have "jealousy". This may be related to the "jealousy of Oriental people" of the Westerners.

    5, the custom of asking for the child

    The custom of the folk to go to the "Niangniang Temple" to ask for the child, pray that "sending a child" or Guanyin Bodhisattva can be imported to people. In addition, there are many customs that are unique and devoted to people. If you are urgent, when others get married, they ask for and steal the noodle baby, and the girls who symbolize the boy and the girl in the pillow of the new house; Dogs; By August 15th, they went to "steal" walnuts and dates. "Lantern" and "Ding" are close to the sound. Stealing the lights means "Timing imported". Walnuts, dates, noodle snakes, and noodle rabbits have specific symbolic significance of sex and reproduction. People want to steal the blessings of other people ’s many sons, and the vigorous vitality of life reproduction in the new house. This kind of prayer is vivid and unique.

    6, the "muste" of the raw child

    The pregnant woman should be paved with grasses or millet stalks on the cymbal, and then prepare a bundle of grasses to let pregnant women lies on their own lying on their own On the top, it was generally changed to pavement, called "cooker. This custom is called" grass ", and in ancient times, it was also called" grass "or" in grass ". , The gifts brought when they go, there are different attention from all over Shanxi. Some places bring cooked red eggs, give birth to boys with single numbers, and give birth to girls with double numbers; A pot of wine, a boy hanging on the red rope, and the girl tied the red silk

    7, the age of "grab the week"

    Is when the child was one year old, the parents except for congratulations, In the old days, the "catching week" ceremony was often held, and some places were also called "test children". Generally, placing pens, books, abacus, swords, silk threads, fat powder, toys, etc. , By divining the future, predict the child's aspirational hobbies. When the child is full of age, all parts of Shanxi pay attention to sewing the child's dwarfed. The child puts these animal shoes and hats, which is both brave and evil and easy to feed.

    8. Hundred years old

    In "long -lived locks" is the childcare custom of traveling around Shanxi. Children wearing a long -lived lock, it is said that it can drive evil and wicked evil, Kangtai. In order to prevent boys, special specialties, special specialties, specially It was the only child who died, and every haircut had to leave a pinch of hair behind his head, called "100 -year -old hairy", and also called "postponed braids", and it was not cut off until the age of twelve years old.

    9, recognize the relatives

    A weak and sick children or only children, pay attention to recognizing the godfather and godmother. Or a long -lived elderly man, for the sake of being prosperous or long -term. Give your child's name, also known as "nickname".
    "crooked names and good feeding" people think that the name of the milk is not good, and the Lord Yan did not want it. Therefore, children will not die. Therefore, there are a lot of crooked names in Shanxi.

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