What's wrong with my dog's physical fitness?

Watching people running around every day, and seeing the physique of their own dogs, it ’s a bit worried.

5 thoughts on “What's wrong with my dog's physical fitness?”

  1. Third: Don't be too complicated to contact the environment
    The dogs with poor body, do not take it around, because if you do n’t do it well, you will have a stress reaction. In addition, dogs with poor health are also prone to infection with viruses, so it is best not to bring dogs to contact strange dogs in the high incidence of viruses. Do not be lazy for vaccine deworming. You must take the dog to do it regularly.
    Fourth: Appropriate nutritional products
    The dogs are poor. In addition to feeding staple foods, you can also feed some nutritional health products. It is recommended that dogs with poor stomach and stomach can eat some probiotic adjustments appropriately. If the dog's hair is not good, you can eat some health products such as beauty powder or fish oil. If the dog has different eclipses and the loss of appetite, you can also feed some trace element powder. If the dog grows poorly and is easy to fracture, it is also possible to feed some pet calcium powder and calcium tablets. Of course, nutritional products are not universal. It is just a auxiliary role. Don’t be overly superstitious.

  2. What is your dog's specific performance? First exclude whether it is infectious disease, and then consider physical problems. If you have infectious diseases, you must quickly cure it. The natural constitution like dogs will not be much worse, unless it is a padding dog

  3. If you want to strengthen your immunity, you must first go to the hospital for vaccine. Secondly, you eat protein -rich foods. As long as the dog eats the nutrition, and the more dogs are taking the sun Very good immunity, usually feed some beef, chicken, fish, as well as shellbei, to add nutrition to the dog. Nutrition has kept up not only the immunity, but the dog's own physique will also be more fit but full of vitality.

  4. Exercise more, put it a little more skin, don't care too much. Eating and drinking is normal, eat light food. You can eat more meat, dog food is also important to dog food to choose the right dog food feeding dog food

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