1 thought on “Can cats eat shrimp? Seafood foods are not friendly to cats”

  1. Cats occasionally eat a small amount of shrimp, but it is not recommended to feed the cats for the cat for a long time. Occasionally, it is completely possible to eat shrimp for cats, but if the cat has not eaten it for a long time, it should be fed because the cat may be possible. Because it cannot digest high protein causes vomiting. Cats can occasionally eat shrimp owners who can eat shrimp occasionally, but if the cat has not eaten it for a long time, it is necessary to feed less, because cats may cause vomiting because they cannot digest high protein. If cats often eat shrimp, it will increase the burden on kidney, and some will cause urethritis, so the owner cannot eat shrimp for cats for a long time. Cats should not eat too much shrimp, and occasionally eat it once. Usually, it is mainly feeding cat food.

    The cats are not suitable for seafood cats, although they like meat foods, seafood is also food they like, but seafood cannot eat more. Some seafood cats are easily allergic to eating. If the cat is seriously allergic, it is likely to be death. Therefore, you must not give them seafood because of the curiosity. Essence

    Shilica cats that cats are not suitable for eating are not suitable for food, including shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, sardine, and horse noodle fish. Contains toxins that cause cats allergic. Usually, big cats are more suitable for such foods, but if they eat too much, they still cause symptoms such as allergies, saliva, vomiting, and diarrhea. If they are kittens, they will even cause spasm and die in severe cases.

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