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  1. I believe that many shoveling officers have experienced the cats who have been bitten by the cats at home, especially when the cats are young, they often hold the owner's hand for no reason, or lurk somewhere at home. When the owner passes, bite Run in one sip. For many shovel officials, the problem of cat bite should be the second largest problem besides urine.
    Why do cats bite people, and what are the reasons hidden behind this behavior? Before solving this problem, let's take a look at the two types of cat bites: aggressive bites and caressing.
    The attacking bitter
    The aggressive bite usually hurts very painful. At the same time, it is accompanied by bleeding, wound infection or scarring. Cats are usually aggressive because they are afraid or fight with another cat. For domestic cats, aggressive bites are usually gamble, which means that the game is too rude. We all know that cats like to play, especially kittens, and have often played with brothers and sisters since childhood, bite and bite. But their little head didn't know that human skin was very fragile because there was no protection of fur.
    This care
    The career bite is actually a way of communication for cats. This situation usually occurs when the owner strokes his cat, and when the cat feels that you touch it for a long time or too comfortable, you will suddenly bite. Or when a cat feels that the relationship between you and it is very close, it will take a bite from time to time. This bite is usually very light, and even the skin does not break.
    If your cats often have aggressive bite behaviors, the following methods can correct this behavior:
    Weous to toys with your hands as meow stars and you play with you, usually down There is no weight in the mouth. So do not tease cats with your hands, use toys to replace and try to keep your hands away from its mouth.
    Is to respond when you are bitten
    Is when you are bitten, you must make a corresponding reaction, such as shouting loudly, or stopping the game immediately, no longer ignore it. Let cats know that it hurts you, and if there are many times, you will naturally remember.
    In helping cats to release anxiety
    We all know that cats have the habit of anger. If there is anything to make it unhappy, it is very likely to be angry with the people or other cats around us. For example, after the cat, after being beaten by another big cat, he turned around and angrily furled around the kitten. The poor kitten lying on the gun innocently.
    So if you are bitten by the cat at home for no reason, you can find out whether it has any emotions, or if you are unhappy, the right medicine is right.
    The cats to see the doctor
    . If the cats in the family have been very good, suddenly an aggressive behavior has occurred from a certain day, then ten or nine is because of illness, or the body is uncomfortable where the body is uncomfortable. Essence At this time, you must take a cat to the veterinarian to check it, and see what is the reason.
    The personality and preferences of cats
    This is also very important. It is also very important to understand the personality and preferences of the cats. Knowing which part of its body can be touched, and which part of it is touched, it must turn his face. Or when a cat wants to stay for a while, don't pull it over to caress. Give the cat's independent space to make it more trusting you, even if it is unhappy, it will not be willing to bite you.

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