Who can help me write an English composition about introducing cats (with translation)

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  1. CatsrnCats are cute animals,they are very special as well.rnIt has pointy ears, round eyes,little claws,and short but soft fur.Cats like eating fish and mice.They like to keep clean, they do that by licking their fur.Also they are nocturnal animals, they sleep in the daytime and do most of their movements at night.rnWe should love cat, because cats are our friends,too.rn猫r n Cats are cute animals, and they are also strange.
    . It has sharp ears, round eyes, small paws and short and soft hair. Cats like to eat fish and mice. They keep them clean, they work like licking their hair. Similarly, they are also animals traveling at night. They sleep during the day and most activities are performed at night.
    I we should love cats, because cats are also ours for us. friend.

  2. My cat I have a cat named mimi. Its hair is as white as snow. I often play game with it. It amuses me a treat it as a little material. to school and Mimi would wave its front-legs to me. It brings me a lot of pleasure. But it takes time and costs money to keep the cat. My parents and I spend much time taking care of it, feeding it and cleaning it . We have clean the house from time to treat, or the cat will make them dirty and smelly. My cat I have a cat named Mimi. Its hair is as white as snow, and I often play with it. It makes me very happy, and I treat it like a child. Every morning, I will say goodbye to it before I go to school, and it also shakes my front paw to me. It brought me a lot of happiness. However, cat raising takes time and money. My parents and me spent a lot of time taking care of it, feeding it, and bathing it. We have to clean the room frequently, otherwise the cat will make the house dirty and unpleasant.

  3. I support the cats, it is lovely, is the Guaiguai our family, my parents like, its a black hair, very soft, like Sajiao, is still very choosy food, it also like the night Out, eyes can be issued a green light . It would help us and mouse, is our zhualao shu experts, but all friends, so let us care for cats, said it never abandone.
    I. I have a cat. It is very cute. It is the obedient of our family. My parents and grandparents like it very much. When it comes out at night, the eyes can emit green light. It can help us catch mice. It is our mouse expert and our friends. Therefore, please take care of the cat and say it will never abandon it.

    The question is the same as the 5th floor

  4. While more and more people like to raise dogs, i like to keep a cat. Cat is a unique animal, with special temper and habits, which intersts me a lot. Cats temper are quite different from each other, the are even bigger than that of human beings.However, they have more in common. When they were young, they are all quite active and lovely. With the aging growing, they would become graally more calm and peaceful. Some of them like to stay with people, while others Prefer to stay alone by. Although they explect for food from Human, they would never be puty and low.

  5. A cat
    my favourite pet is a cat.i Think a cat is the most Beautiful
    animal in the world.IT has rand ears, Round Eyes and Soft Fur.i Like a Cat Best All the time.many People like to keep cats as their pets.people are to Frienfly to their cats that
    they like to stay with them.a caikes to stay in. Catch Mice.so a Cat is helpful to us.we Should Love the THEAT THEM WELL.

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