4 thoughts on “What kind of cats have very special wild beauty?”

  1. The text department (teasing cat for a while) was original and plagiarized the party's respect.
    ma Leopard Cat
    Although this cat is also called a leopard cat, it is two completely different animals from the real sense. The Bangladesh cat's personality is more docile. It is a real pet cat. The leopard cats we can buy basically belong to this category. But the real leopard cat is a wild cat that cannot be raised. Bangladesh leopard cats are like little leopards. The fur is beautiful and elegant. It is a pet -raging cat that is very suitable for family breeding. We can't raise a leopard like the local tyrants of the Middle East. It is still possible to raise a "little leopard".

    This tiger cat
    This tiger cat's body is strong, big head, big cheeks, big round face, face looks very rich. The patterns of their patterns and tigers are similar to 95 %, but their personalities are very mild, so they are named "Toy Tiger". This cat grid is relatively strong, so basically it can be raised well without special care. This cat is a kind of cat with retired architect breeding with retirement waste heat. The tiger head is very cute. However, this kind of cat has basically no cats in our country and is a niche cat in the niche. This kind of cat is not a problem that can be affordable, but that most people can buy it.
    Osi cats
    This cat does not look like family pets, but like wild cats raised in the zoo. They do have very strong wild beauty, but they are really pet cats. Based on Abi cats, they are the new varieties of cats that blend Siam and US short genes based on Abi cats. This cat was very short -recognized by the official, and was only recognized in the 1960s and 1960s. Similar to toy tiger cats, this cat has basically no cat house breeding in China, and it is really difficult to buy it.
    Serren Gatti
    The original intention of this cat to breed is to make them look like a cat -haired cat, with wild beauty. Everyone knows that the price of cats is high, and it is prohibited in many places. So the original intention of breeding the pet cats like a cat -like cat came here. This kind of cat is like a cat, but there is no wild cat's wild nature. They are mixed with Bangladesh cats and Oriental cats, so their character is still very mild. This cat is still in the development stage and was only breed in the 1990s, so it is necessary to continue to stabilize the pedigree.
    It, except that Leopard Cat is more common in our country, what you can buy later is the big guy!

  2. Bangladesh leopard cats and Maine cats, these two varieties of cats are relatively atmospheric, especially Bangladesh leopard cats, they look like a leopard and are very wild.

  3. Of course, it is a hairless cat. Because there is no hair on the surface of the skin, it looks particularly cool. There is also a special wild beauty.

  4. Leopard cats, cricket cats, and Maine cats, these varieties of cats look very mighty and wild. Especially the leopard cat, the face shape is the same as the leopard.

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