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  1. Cats are a kind of animal that is very afraid of cold. Kittens under three months are not recommended to take a bath.
    It should choose warm weather or warm rooms.
    The cattails need to be cut for cats before bathing, and towels, pet fragrances, pots, hair dryers and cages are not necessary.
    First of all, let the cat in the pot and put the cat in, let its feet feel the water, and then slowly wet the cat. Wrap it with a towel and wipe it as well. If the cat is not so resistant, use a hair dryer to dry it (can be placed in a cage). If the sound stress reaction to the hair dryer is serious, try to dry it with a towel, and then put it in a place with the sun to let it yourself. Lick.
    . They have a strong self -cleaning ability. Generally speaking, cats who can't keep up with the building do not need to take a bath.

  2. 宠物猫洗澡水温以不烫手(40—50℃)为宜,洗澡的时候室内要保持温暖;洗澡前在浴盆中滴入一些宠物猫沐浴液,用水淋湿猫咪背部,再放浴液搓洗;宠物If the cat is long hair, you can fully sort out before taking a bath to remove the quilts that fall off. For long -haired cats, it should be fully sorted out before taking a bath to remove the hair that is shedd off, and prevent tangling during washing, so that it takes more time to organize. After washing, if it is winter, it must be dried, and the short -haired summer can let him dry naturally. If your cat is afraid of a fan, wrap him with a big towel, wipe the water and put him in a warm place.

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