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  1. If the child is caught by a cat, the first thing that should be done is to rinse the wound with water immediately, and then need to use medical iodine to disinfect the wound. The next step is to observe the response of the wound. Don't take your child to vaccine. Of course, in order to avoid any accidents, it is best to take the child to the hospital to get a vaccine. After all, there are still many germs on the cat. In case of infection, it is transmitted to the child, so take the child to prevent the epidemic prevention needle and get the rabies vaccine vaccine. It is the most secure approach.
    This injection of rabies vaccine in time is the most wise approach. Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case, actively clean up the wound for your child, clear the poison in time, and then wipe a little anti -inflammatory drug at the wound, which can effectively prevent wound infection. In this special period, you must pay attention to your children's rest and sleep. Like those spicy foods, remember to eat it again, but the fruits can be eaten more, and the water needs to drink more.
    The first moment when a child was bitten or captured by pet cats is to clean and disinfect the wound in time. If there is bleeding after being bitten by a cat or after being injured, you can see how the bleeding is. If the bleeding is not serious, you don't have to rush to stop the bleeding, but it will be better to let the blood flow off. Because of this, the pathogenic bacteria that enter the wound can pass the blood through the blood through the blood. Take it out. When the wound is not large and shallow, just wipe it with 75%alcohol or 2%iodine solution. Disinfection treatment like this should be performed 2 to 3 times a day until the wound is no longer bleeding, and naturally stops. until. If the blood flow is large, this approach is very unsuitable, and you must stop bleeding in time.
    Cat caught disease is still a kind of infectious disease, and it is commonly affected by humans and animals. According to statistics, 80%of all patients exchange people are related to being caught or bitten by cats. In addition to being caught by cats, they will change their cats and cats. Cat caught sick. Especially now, the number of stray cats is increasing, which has led to the steady increase in the number of cat -grabbed patients, and so far, the number of cat claw diseases in the world has so far nearly 10,000 cases. There is a period of incubation, usually about 10-day-30 days. There are also a few incubation periods that are different, and some can reach several months, and some even 1 to 2 years. These are all these. These are all It's uncertain. And when cat -catching patients develop the disease, the symptoms often appear are lymphadenopathy and fever.
    It about cats to catch disease, many people will be scared. In fact, cats can prevent treatment, and there is no need to panic even if they are suffering. If you have changed the cat to grab the disease before, you can combine the results of the laboratory test. After analyzing and judging, you can know if you have the disease. If it is diagnosed, then the right medicine can be prescribed, usually it can be healed. However, this does not rule out that there is a low immune function. Once such people are sick, the consequences will be much more serious. Some may even cause complications such as heart and brain. Can cause death.
    So if the child is bitten or captured by a pet cat, how to clean up the wound? According to the doctor's instructions, the following three steps of emergency response should be taken immediately:

    The first step: rinse the wound. Once you are caught, you must rinse the wound with water immediately. This is best to flow and clean it quickly, so that the virus can be flushed away, and then the blood of the injured place is squeezed out. , Rinse the wound water for 20%of the soapy water, the rinse time lasts about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. After washing, disinfect it with iodine, and then wash the iodine with alcohol after disinfection. The step of disinfection is best to operate repeatedly 3 times.
    If: After the emergency disinfection treatment is completed, you must go to the local epidemic prevention department to inject the vaccine as soon as possible. You must not be dragged for a few days to inject or even not to inject. Rabies has a incubation period. Maybe there is no problem at that time, but who can guarantee that it will not occur in the future? Some latent incubation will become ill about 10 days, and some may have to become ill for several years.
    The third step: In the case of severe wounds, injection of antiviral serum is very necessary, and it must be used at the same time as the vaccine. Before using antiviral serum, a test needle must be performed under the guidance of a doctor to produce allergies.
    The children in the family in the process of interacting with cats were caught or bite, but don't think that this situation is too common to pay attention to it. Parents must not be careless. Once the child finds that the child has a child, there is a child in the child. The wound must be processed immediately. After the basic disinfection treatment is done, it is best to take the child to the hospital to inject rabies vaccine as soon as possible to prevent the child from getting sick. All in all, we must pay attention to the safety of children in the process of playing with cats!

  2. I personally think that the wound should be treated immediately with soapy water, and then go to the nearest hospital to get the vaccine, because there will be some bacteria on the animal's body, which may invade the baby's body. You must be vaccinated.

  3. I think that children should be bitten or caught by pet cats. Parents should lead them to break the injury needle within 72 hours. The main purpose of doing so is to keep the virus from staying in their bodies.

  4. You can rinse the wound with soapy water. Then disinfect with alcohol. If the wound is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

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