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  1. How to transport pet cats, due to special reasons, the cat may need to be sent to another place, so transportation is needed. Generally speaking, cat transportation can be checked through the train and airplanes, but there are regulations that cannot be mailed through express delivery. Parents need to pay attention to this point, how can pet cats transport? Let's take a look below.
    Animals cannot mail through courier. According to the "Implementation Rules of the Postal Law of the People's Republic of China", "various live animals" are prohibited from mailing. According to the "Postal Law" regulations: postal enterprises, courier companies do not establish or do not implement the reciprocal inspection system, or violate laws, administrative regulations, as well as relevant departments of the State Council and the State Council on prohibiting delivery or restrictions on delivery items. For courier companies, the postal management department may order the suspension of business until its courier business license is revoked.
    The petcat consignment currently has two ways, one is a train and the other is an airplane. The specific price can be consulting the airline or railway station to consult with animal consignment. It can also find the check -in information through the 114 or in front of the station consultation desk.
    or you can also search the local pet consignment company. They specialize in this service. Some pet hospitals in major cities also have related businesses, and they will charge a certain agency fee. This pet consignment is more worry -free, and they will help you check in the quarantine and consignment procedures before shipping. Quarantine work is a measure that pet cats should be completed before their consignment. Generally, it can be processed at the epidemic prevention station. It can be obtained for about two or three days.
    It the price of pet cats is not too expensive, and the consignment price is generally 200-500. Of course, pet cats are different in size and different weight, so there will be some differences in the actual charging process. In addition, although the train consignment is similar to the aircraft, there may be some differences in price.

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