Why can't you raise a cat at home and say it's not auspicious

Why can't you raise a cat at home and say that you are not auspicious parents who are unwilling to raise auspicious

2 thoughts on “Why can't you raise a cat at home and say it's not auspicious”

  1. There are cats in rural areas that jump into corpses to scam the corpse. This is actually a superstition saying that it cannot be believed.
    This does not like to raise cats in the family. The following possibilities may be considered:
    1. Some family members are susceptible to the hair of the cat's hair.
    2, the hair of the cat is relatively thick, and the germs such as cleaning and breeding of parasites can be performed in an unscrupulous. Long -term contact may have an impact on members' physical health.
    3, the cat's eyes can see the light, and it is brighter in the evening, giving a more erratic feeling. On the other hand, the cat's ears are relatively sensitive. In the evening, there may be a reaction of frying hair. It feels like seeing the dirty things.
    In fact, cats are just a kind of animal. Many pet care associations will feed or adopt stray cats. Life is also very good. The problem of breeding, family cats should also pay attention to scientific feeding. There is a saying good: "For you, it is just a pet, for it, you are all it." Therefore, we must firmly believe in science and care for animals.

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