1 thought on “Write the universal beginning of a cat composition, ending. (3 articles)?”

  1. A cat, packed in a cloth bag, entered Grandpa's house.
    The sister and I couldn't wait to make up. I wanted to see its style. Helplessly, the bag was not a transparent glass, and it was so tight. Even a bouquet of sunlight, a trace of dust slipped in. Listening to the adult's conversation, we learned that a yellow kitten was equipped in the bag. It owned the owner to send me a pet. Oh, poor kitten.
    In unblocking the bag, you have to take out the little yellow cat, and you have to take a lot of risks: it may come out inadvertently. Nine cows and two tigers plus cautious, as well as gloves at the bottom, thanked, the cat was finally taken out of the "water surface". At that moment, we were almost shocked: standard cat face, furry long tail, and elegant yellow on the top. There is a chastity white, as well as the watery, beautiful and beautiful eyes, 咂咂, it is really a cat fairy, and the reincarnation "out of the water"! (Why do the owner dislike it?)
    The adults tied the kitten to the kitten's coarse wire. The wires were knotted on a pillar. Although there was no power, it limited the kitten's freedom. A few of our children have long been dissatisfied. The anger of a stomach is piled up into a mountain, and it is about to vent. When we saw the fierce grandfather look up, turn around and glance at us fiercely. Yeah, the anger had to swallow, and "enjoy" it. The kitten struggled, making a tender and tender, but full of infinite fear and despair. We squatted down and looked together. It was scared to run around, hiding under the table, shaking. Oh, poor kitten.
    When I sleep, I found that when the night was late, when people were quiet, the kitten would make a tender cat, miserable sound, both like loneliness and loneliness. Calling mother. Yes, the owner ignored it, and he wandered with his mother since he was a child. In a blink of an eye, I do n’t know where, and my mother can't find it anymore. Do you say, can it be anxious? The wild cat next door returned to him, it was a lot of quiet, and "Weeping Mother" did not sing, but I think it should open its big eyes at this time and watch Yue Er Si Hometown.
    The next day, the kitten changed, a lot of it, became well -behaved, and became more cute. When he stroked its hair, he would not jump away like a bomb. It was a sweet meow; when it fed it, it also opened his arms; when he came over, he would not be scared ... No one knows what happened last night, but What we are pleased is that it is willing to make friends with us. Isn't this worthy of being happy? Well, cute kitten.
    I fantasized that if one day, people and cats are equal, and the friendship between animals and humans has taken another step ...

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