1 thought on “What to do if the pet cat is dead can be cremated or buried”

  1. What to do if the pet cat is dead? Cats are a very cute little animal. It looks good and has a relatively independent personality. It will not depend on the owner. At a certain age, you will die slowly when you are old. What should I do if the pet cat dies? Let's take a look with the editor of the pet network.
    The best way to pet after the death of pets is of course cremated, but this seems to be relatively low, because ordinary people have this condition.
    The second is buried, but this buried location cannot be selected casually. First of all, stay away from the water source and stay away from the farmland and orchard. In the process, there are many toxic substances that will pollute the water source and soil. [Even if there is only a dog, the amount of toxic substances such as a dog is considerable], this pit must be deep enough. This depth refers to the depth of the early Chinese buried coffin, otherwise the corpse rot will rot The smell is not covered. Finally, pay attention to disinfection and sterilization. Whether it is healthy pets or sick pets, they will carry some pathogenic bacteria or parasitic eggs. If you do not pay attention to disinfection and sterilization, these germs and parasitic eggs are likely. It is diffused [In fact, it is not very likely, it is definitely. ]
    The third one is throwing into the trash can, which will be either entered the garbage landfill with other garbage, or enter the garbage incinerator. The advantage of this is: 1. Do not pollute the land and water, because the purpose of the garbage treatment plant is to prevent pollution, 2
    , the owner does not need to take too much effort to deal with it; It's hard to accept.

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