5 thoughts on “Is the puppet cat suitable for living in the wild?”

  1. The puppet cat is a variety of artificial cultivation. It is not suitable for survival in the wild and is not suitable for outdoor freezing. It lacks the instinct to protect its own, and the stray cats and dogs in the outside world may hurt it. Cats that should be raised indoors. The temperament of this cat can get along peacefully with children and old people, and like to play with the owner very much. If you do n’t play with it, it ’s unhappy, and the puppet cats do n’t like the mouse like a native cat. The puppet cats are very quiet, but they also love toy toys. The puppet cats are extremely gentle and lack the instinct to protect themselves. Therefore, they must be raised as pets and not allowed to go out.

  2. The question you asked,
    is the puppet cat suitable for living in the wild?
    Istly, it is estimated that it should not work,
    The Chinese pastoral cat is still possible.
    This cats have too long to support the family,
    should basically lose the ability to find food.

  3. I had one before my family, but I didn't know how to die later. I felt that it might not be suitable for living in the wild.

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