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  1. (1) Like meat eating, good at night cats are carnivorous animals, canine teeth are very good, and their claws are also sharp. They are good at capturing small animals. Cats who are looking for food in the wild will also capture frogs. They also eat foods of food. The cat's eyes can still see things in the dark place. The hearing is also particularly spiritual. In daily life, he pays attention to detect the surrounding movements and detects the place where the mouse is. The cat's attention was concentrated when catching the mouse, and strictly waited. In the family, the kittens also maintain the habit of wild cats day and night.
    (2) I like to clean and sanitary cats. I often choose dark and secluded places and mixed objects such as soil and gray. Then use the front foot to lie on the soil to bury the urine. This is a natural habit. The family raising cats in the corner of the room is placed with sand, sawdust, and boxes as pots. The cat will use it. Cats often sort out the hair, face, and ears on their bodies with their own tongue. Sometimes, the mud on the feet will bite the mud with the mouth until it is cleaned. It often uses teeth to search for fleas hidden in the hair, and big cats often lick the kittens to bite the lice.
    (3) I like to play with people to play with cats, and I am curious. Sometimes I can watch the owner in a fooled. I can make many interesting actions under the leadership of the owner. The kitten also likes to play with the owner, coquettish, or holding her legs, or licking their hands. Sometimes kittens can play with themselves. They can play everything, a small paper group, a small bottle, and a little blue. Shake around, jump up and jump, it is unhappy. When it is capable of catching the rat, it looks very serious. After catching the mouse, it does not eat it immediately. After playing with a boring mouth with the claws and claws, the mouse is eaten.
    (4) Cats that like bright and dry places like to climb and jump very much. Various organ balance functions in its body are comprehensive than ordinary animals. When it falls from the height, it can adjust the unbalanced body so that it quickly returns to balance, and it is safe and sound after falling from the height. During the day, kittens like to be bright, dry, and warm. I also like to climb high, but some precious cats look weaker.
    (5) Although the cat's other habits have thick hair, they are afraid of cold. In winter, I always like to sleep on the heating side, beside the stove, or cotton pads, and the old cat is more prominent. Cats are also afraid of water, and they are not allowed to have a little water. As long as they scratch their chin, they will obey immediately.

    Cat characteristics
    Due to the special structure of cat eyes, it can be easier for them to see things around in dark environment than humans, and this special on it is The function is gradually improved after about three months.

    The developed smell of cats plays a very important role in stimulating its appetite. When a cat is sick, sometimes the sense of smell is affected, it is difficult to arouse its appetite. It even refuses to use smell of dirty pots.

    The taste
    For taste, cats prefer animal high protein foods such as fish and meat, and they are not so loving for non -moving foods and sweets. Essence

    The response ability
    The cat's abnormally agile reaction ability is their special skeletal structure in their bodies, which makes them naturally a carnivore with hunting and hiding ability. Although the cat is sleeping at three quarters a day, they can quickly restore enough blows in a very short time.

    Cats are natural hunting experts, and even when predation, they will still show this habitual capture of flying insects, toys, etc. If a bird or other small animals are raised in your home, you must prevent it from playing.

    This little knowledge of cats
    1, why cats love to sleep?
    The cat's sleep time is about twice the person. So, cats can get up at night. Three quarters of cat sleep are fake sleeping, so it looks 16 hours a day cat is sleeping. In fact, it is only 4 hours to sleep.
    2, why do cats snoring?
    It this is the sound of the cat's pseudo sound cord vibration. When a cat sleeps or is intimate with the owner, you can often hear the cat's throat "snoring, snoring" as if snoring.
    3, why do cats love licking hair?
    Cats are very clean animals, so they often use my tongue to lick the hair on their bodies cleanly. The part of the face also has the saliva on the forefoot, and it is scrubbed casually.

    The meaning of the cat shakes the tail
    1. If the two cats are confronted, and lower the ears to pay attention to the other party's every move. They are in a state of nervousness or emotional excitement, and there is the possibility of fighting at any time!
    2. When the cat is resting, if you have to sort out the hair, or restrict its freedom, the cat will shake the tail quickly to express impatience. And when it is somewhere in a somewhere, the cat's call, the cat may not look back, it will only shake the tail as an answer.
    3, when the cat sleeps in the host's arms voluntarily, its mood is the most pleasant. At this time, its tail will be slowly swinging, even in the sleep, the cat will occasionally shake the tail. When cats are asking for you, for example, it will be rubbed by your feet, the tail is tall, the tail shakes lightly, and the meow is murmured.


    Cat breeding management
    1. How to feed?

    The kittens

    Is an important stage of cat growth and development. At this time, it is very different from adult cats in terms of nutritional needs. Therefore, you should choose food for cats. It is best to choose easy to digest, taste delicious, and contain proportional protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Cat food is also a good choice. These are absolutely beneficial to your kitten, and you don't need to feed the kittens to feed nutrient supplements. If you want to change your cat food, it is best to feed a small amount in the first few days, and gradually increase in the future. And don't forget to add clean drinking water to the cat often.

    . If your cat is uncomfortable or in the recovery period of the disease, it needs a special fragrance to cause appetite. Food close to the body temperature will also help cats eat. When a cat suffers from influenza, putting it in a warm place will help reduce the disease. In addition, some cats will have an allergic reaction to certain foods like people, and it is not uncommon to cause allergic reactions to fish products. If you suspect that your cat has a sensitive response to a certain food, you should ask the veterinarian or pet nutrition nursing expert.

    This prompt

    1. Any changes to the recipe should be gradually carried out in three or four days to prevent cats from gastrointestinal discomfort.

    2. Cats are used to self -adjusting the amount of eating, so as long as the cat eats comfortably.

    3. Be sure to use fresh and clean drinking water; use a clean and shallow diet, and be familiar with it. Feed in a fixed place.

    4. The food temperature is the same as the room temperature.

    5. Prevent food from deteriorating.

    6. Both kittens and adult cats like to chew raw bones to hone their teeth. But don't let the sharp shattered skeleton hurt the cat's teeth. The granular of cat food is carefully designed to help the cat's teeth and ensure absolute safety.

    7. Do not let your cat addicted to some kinds of food. All fish and liver foods are likely to make cats addicted and cause nutritional disorders.

    2. How to prepare a cat's nest?

    For family cats, you should prepare daily life supplies of cats like cat nests before buying cats. Generally, pet stores can buy these daily necessities, or the owner can do it by themselves, and it is solved simply because of bad.

    The cat's nest is where the cat lives and sleeps. With a cat's nest, cats will not be drilled here casually, they are lying there, it is impermanent, neither hygienic nor conducive to the growth of cats.

    The cat's nest can be made of small wooden boxes, baskets, vine baskets, plastic basins, and hard cartons. The inside and edges of the cat's nest must be smooth and sharp, so as not to damage the cat's skin. The cat's nest is made of plastic, wood, and vine, which is easy to clean and disinfect. The bottom of the cat's nest is used to use waste newspapers, soft grass, and old towels or old sheets on it to make the cat's nest warm and comfortable. During the breeding process, the pads of the cat's nest should be replaced frequently and burned out the dirt.

    The cat's nest should be placed in a place where the room is dry, secluded and not noticed. It is best to look in the sun in the cat's nest, and it should not be placed in a cold and humid place. In addition, the cat's nest should be higher than the ground, so that it can keep it dry, clean, but also make the ventilation well, and maintain a cool environment.

    3. How to prepare cats for cats?

    among cat tools, basin and water basin are essential appliances for cats. The characteristics of cat love cleaning are more prominent in animals, and their clothing must be kept clean. Therefore, it is best to facilitate the washing, but also the bowls and bowls made of porcelain, plastic or stainless steel that are not easy to break, to prevent cats from turning it over when eating or drinking water when eating or drinking water. Or scratch. Sometimes cats are easy to get food out of the basin when eating, so a newspaper is put under the pot to facilitate cleaning and keeping the ground clean.

    4. What is the focus of the spring management of cats?

    The winter to the spring. Due to the corresponding changes in light and temperature in the year and four seasons, cat's physiological activities and behavior performance also showed a certain difference. To this end, the cat's breeding management should also take corresponding measures according to these changes in the four seasons to take good care of the cats in order to ensure the healthy growth of the cat.

    The spring is the best season for cats to mate with the best season for breeding. Both male and female cats frequently go out and wander around to choose a good couple. The estrus female cats are uneasy, decreased appetite, and some are rolling on the ground, and they make a loud noise at night, commonly known as "cat called spring". At this time, cats that are usually raised at home are often easy to lose, and some unexpected damage occurs. The male cat often hurts for the female cat. As a result, we should strengthen catches of cats in spring to prevent cats from escaping. In order to grasp the cat's season and satisfy the cat's desire to seek puppets, cats should help cats find spouses for a purposeful option. In this way, the cat can avoid the loss of the cat, prevent damage, and can obtain the ideal offspring according to the wishes of the cat.

    The Spring Festival of wind and sun is also the season when the cat changes. The cat's thicker winter hair is covered in the winter, and it is replaced with a thinner and thin spring hair. In addition, the temperature is gradually changing, and the cat's skin pores are opened. At this time, the cat should be combed to keep the cat cleansing the cat's hair and the skin. Otherwise, a variety of microorganisms and exterior parasites will breed on cats' skin, causing itching and inflammation of the skin. In addition, the cats and dandruff were scattered on the bed, sofa, clothing, and carpet, which caused unclean environment of the owner's living room. Therefore, the season for changing the hair in the Spring Festival should often sort out the cats to keep the hair and the skin clean, and prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

    5. What is the focus of cat's summer management?

    The summer temperature, humid air, and cat's food are vulnerable to the intestinal bacteria of various molds. Therefore, the cat's summer diet is a focus of daily management. In view of this, it must be done in summer:

    (1) The foods to feed cats must be fresh, and we must not feed cats with corrupt and deteriorated foods.

    (2) Cat foods in summer should be cooked to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the food and destroy certain bacterial toxins; do not allow cats to eat foods to prevent food poisoning.

    (3) The summer weather is hot, and cats' appetite is often poor. Therefore, the amount of feeding is needed appropriately. If it is not properly controlled, cats can't end up, and there are surplus foods per meal to cause consumption. If a cat is too much, digestion or acute gastroenteritis may occur.

    (4) The remaining food of each meal must be cleaned from the food tools before feeding, and it must not be used again. The food utensils must also be cleaned and then used.

    The cats are covered by hair. Except for a small amount of sweat glands distributed at the toe, the rest of the body table lacks sweat glands, so the regulation function of heat is poor. The summer temperature is high, the humidity is high, and the cat body heat is not easy to emit, which is easy to occur, especially the long hair varieties. Therefore, summer heat stroke is a great threat to cats. To this end, it is also an important aspect of the daily management of cats to provide cats with dry, cool, ventilated, and direct -free living environment. If the cat occurs suddenly in the hot summer, the body temperature rises significantly, the breathing is difficult, the pulse is fast and weak, and the gait is unstable, whether it is heat stroke. At this time, the cat must be quickly transferred to the ventilation and yin, and wipe the cat's body with cold water. Use ice cubes or ice packs to place it on the cat's head. You can also use cold water enema to help cool down.

    The new cat parents must read manual
    1, the little guy looks healthy, do you want to vaccine?

    This must be vaccinated in time to prevent the occurrence of malignant infectious diseases such as cat plague.

    because the cat plague virus is very harmful to the kitten of less than four months, and the virus can be transmitted without direct contact, so the kitten can be healthy and long. Big, please vaccinate your baby in time.

    The vaccination time is about 12 weeks of the kitten, and two times before one year old, two interval 20 days, once a year. For details on vaccination, please refer to the relevant articles on this site.

    2. The kitten drills everywhere. The hair is dirty. Can you take a bath?

    The can not take a bath before the vaccine!

    The kittens without vaccine are very low resistance. Bathing is easy to cause cold pulling and even more serious problems. It is recommended to take a bath after the vaccine!

    . If the kitten gets dirty because of naughty, you can consider wipe it with a hot towel or brush it with a brush.

    The can take a bath after the vaccine. If the short hair cat can be washed every few months, the long hair cat once a month is enough. Usually to combing Mimi hair can also ensure the cleaning of Mimi.

    because cats need to secrete sebum to protect their hair. If they are washed too hard and the skin protection ability decreases, it will cause skin cancer. Essence

    The experience of all of us is: keeping the home clean is the most effective way:)

    3. Can you feed milk?

    Is: Do not feed the kitten. The 8 -week kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself.

    It is best not to drink milk for kittens! The ingredients of cat milk and milk are different. Some cats do not have digestive enzymes that can digest milk. Eating milk can cause diarrhea. It is recommended that he only gives him the cat's cat food.

    4. Can you feed meat or cans?

    In addition to cat food, it is recommended to eat a little meat food for the kitten every week, but do not have too large the amount, a few small pieces of nails are OK. If you can chew it, it is even better to feed the kitten, because the kitten's digestive system lacks a kind of enzyme, and this enzyme can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the kitten.

    Is for canned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you must feed, it is recommended to mix rice with a little canned rice before eating them. Because canned cats is a high -energy and high -protein food, just like a big meal that people eat during the Spring Festival. Every time they feed them directly, they may cause indigestion. And carbohydrates like rice rice are good for cat growth.

    It should be noticed that eating canned or pure meat when the kitten is less than three months old. It is easy to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate and lack a lot of digestive enzymes, they will be thinner when they are not digested well. They can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (preferably the lactase).

    The cats still soften cat food with warm water. Eat less meals, don't eat too greasy foods.

    5. What should I pay attention to in Mimi's diet?

    The good habits of cat food from snacks should be developed. You can try to mix with the cats they like to mix it in cat food to gradually reduce the amount of food until it is completely used for cat food.

    Is to change food for cats or add new foods, please gradually add to his original food until his digestive system can successfully accept new food and avoid indigestion.

    The kittens are already able to control the amount of food by themselves. If you keep cat food in the food pot, they will eat when they are hungry. In addition, pay attention to feeding: timing, quantitative, fixed -point.

    6. Can the nails of the little guy be cut?

    This can cut nails once a week, especially the front paws.

    In the nail knife. It is best not to start when struggling. It is not easy to grasp the size. It is likely to cut the cat's meat. , That's trouble. Second, it is easy to damage the trust and feelings of kittens for you. Are you right?

    It you can observe the cat's claws first in the light. The outermost layer is transparent and can be cut; Pink, don't cut that part. I refer to the nail part of the cat.

    Igly cutting nails along the cat's meaning, do not add unnecessary fear of cats like fighting. Usually strengthen emotional contact and cultivate trust.

    . It is better to cut less, and don't cut too much. You can take her paw and look at the light. Do not cut it in the pink part in the middle. The white semi -transparent part is surrounded by. It is best not to touch it. There is only a small part of the tip of the paw (not more than 1.5mm), which can be cut. It is best to cut the scissors, so as not to cut the kitten nails, it hurts.

    7. What should I do if I was caught by Mimi?

    This can be washed with soap and wiped some iodine, no need to take any needle.

    The so -called rabies vaccine is like this. How can Mimi itself transmit the virus to you if it is not carrying rabies virus? Therefore, Mimi, who is raised at home, is basically clean, just rubbing iodine, it is really okay:)

    It if the cats often go out, if you are worried about being caught, you can have problems, you can you can Go to the needle of the rabies (you are yourself), and you can bring a cat to prevent rabies once a year, so you don't have to worry about it. This is a small thing and don't think serious.

    The Professor Zu Shuxian, an expert in Anhui University, is a well -known person in this field. He criticized the prejudice of dogs and cats infected with viruses as a scientist. At present, rabies are almost extinct in our country, especially cities. By injection of vaccines and careful family care, dogs and cats are very safe to human health.

    8. Why does he always call?

    M: The following may be as follows:

    1. Hungry/thirst

    , loneliness/insecurity/miss mother r r r r r r r r r

    3. Cold/body is uncomfortable somewhere

    In the little guy will have a fear of the new environment when he starts to live independently, and he will miss his mother and his original Family. You can always stroke him, hug him to let him know that you can trust, and it will be better slowly. If he only said that you put him to sleep beside him to reduce his loneliness.

    . Sometimes there will be other reasons for calling, then you need to figure out a lot:)

    9. How to teach him to go to the toilet in the cat sand pot? Intersection

    . If the kitten is taken from the family, some cat litter he used in the original home can be sprinkled on the surface of the new cat sand. On the first day, he took him to the pots and smelled it. I believe he could find a convenient place soon.

    If the incident of a kitten to urinate anywhere, there are generally two reasons: 1. Do not clean up the pots in time, and the cat's toilet is too dirty; The solution is: 1. Clean up the cat toilet once every morning and evening; 2. Put the kitten's excrement in the cat toilet, and then bring the kitten to smell it. Education two or three kittens know the location of the toilet.

    10. Does the kitten do not sleep at night?

    The cats are animals at night, but the kittens at home can be cultivated. You must slowly let him adapt to new habits. This takes some time. Don't play with him after going to bed at night. A few days later, he used to sleep quietly when he adapted to a new environment.

    11. There was a cat at home. Will I be bullied by a kitten? What to prepare?

    The complicated struggle between animals, there is no adaptation to each other, but it will not be too long.

    The days when the beginning of the beginning may be threatened, to the original cat at home, it is the response of the protection territory. For the new kitten, one is just to a new environment itself itself. I feel disturbing and fear. The second is that in the face of the odor of unfamiliar cats, it is necessary to instinctively threaten the other party and protect themselves. But this situation will not last long. When they are familiar, they are okay.

    This can prepare a set of food and drinking water for the kitten who just arrived, and the toilet can also prepare one separately to avoid the first few days of fighting. After they are familiar, they can be removed or kept as appropriate.

    mad, soothe the new baby to eliminate his fear of the new environment, but you must maintain a fair attitude towards the new and the original, otherwise Mimi will really be angry. Oh! Ha ha

    I I also raised two kittens. It was only later hugged. At the beginning of 3 or 4 days, they sprayed each other and fought very well. But like children, they generally accept each other. When they fight, you should pay attention, do you call while fighting? If you call, it means that they come true and quickly separate. If they are fighting quietly or chasing, there is no problem. For the sake of insurance, at the beginning, we must separate the basin, basin, and pots of pots.

    If there is really a conflict, it is important that when the two things are in each other, you have to protect the weak side and crack down on the provocative side. These animals are actually in the eyes. One party will have a sense of security and love to be cared for, which is easy to integrate with the entire home. The party that is more troublesome also knows that it is not right. They will be scolded and beaten by the owner, and they will gradually lose their temper and take the initiative to become familiar with each other.

    The may be judged according to the personality of different animals, depending on the personality of both parties.

    12. How can I know that Mimi is uncomfortable or sick?

    If first, if you are immune to Mimi in time, there will be no big problems in Mimi under normal circumstances. But there will still be common problems such as colds, indigestion and dilute.

    If found that Mimi is not as lively as usual, not very good, and always needs to attract the attention of parents if they do not love to move. In this case, you can touch Mimi's nose first. Mimi's nose head in a healthy state should be cold and humid. If it is dry, there will be problems. Then you can measure the temperature of Mimi. Under normal circumstances, the body temperature should be around 38 degrees and 7, and it can be considered a fever if it exceeds 39 degrees 5. The cause of fever is mostly due to inflammation. Take him as appropriate to take him to the hospital to see a doctor.

    The dilute is a common disease of kittens. Digestion, change food or eat too much, or cold, etc. can cause dilutes. Due to indigestion, the dilutes are called loose. Mimi is diluted but mentally good. You can feed some lactase to help digestion. If you have a bad spirit, you must go to the hospital to ask the doctor to deal with it.

    It attention should be noted that once there is a problem with the immune to go to the hospital, please go to the hospital as soon as possible.

    13. My cat has sterilized, but yesterday he was still climbing on the kitten. Will it be the case for the unsuccessful to do?

    . It may be because the hormone has not completely faded. He is still conscious, but there will be no danger:)

    Reserved reason.

    Is see if the two eggs behind his PP are still there.

    14. Can I take Mimi to travel or send it to someone else's home in the festival?

    Cats are not a good traveler, it is best not to bring the cat into a strange environment. Some cats are difficult to adapt in a new environment, and they will not eat or hide it. In that case, it is very bad for Mimi or helping people. But cats can take care of themselves well in their familiar environment.

    If it does not exceed three days, let him be home! It is better to prepare food and water and divide them into several copies. Prepare two toilets so that Mimi should be able to live happily at home. A friend has done this, and Mimi is sleeping when she comes back:)

    The short -term outing (such as within a week), you can put it at home, find friends every day or the next day to feed once a food once a day or the next day Water; just deal with the toilet. Give him sufficient toys, it can be happy at home for a while.

    If there is really no way to send away, it is best to send it to the family who is more familiar with Mimi, so as not to let Mimi fear, nor because your cat brings others to others. unnecessary trouble.

    15. I heard that cats like cat mint. What is cat mint?

    Cat mint is a kind of grass. After drying it, cut it finely, with a cool smell. About 50%of cats will be "allergic" to this kind of grass. When they smell it, they will roll around, and some will lick this kind of grass, as if they have eaten stimulants, haha. In fact, it should not be counted as food, it can only be regarded as a "entertainment product" for cats. The other 50%of the cats did not respond after smelling it. When I bought this kind of catnut mint, I also gave a holes with a pore, which was placed with cat mint, and the cat liked to play very much.

    16. What should I do if the little guy always chases and bites me and bite?

    . Generally, kittens around 2 or 3 months often have such behavior, because it is the nature of the kitten. As a parent, you must take care of it, haha:)

    Although the kitten has lived with people since childhood, the nature of the cat has no change. It is their growth training! As their parents, don't hurt their feelings because of this blame or scolding them! If you really can't stand it, you can find a little friend for him, which is better than him, because with a cat, he will immediately transfer the training content to his similar body, they will play together, they will play together. Parents are happy to chase each other, and the parents are happier 🙂


  2. They eat meat and like to eat cat food. At this time, the authority will use the mice at this time. They will use their radar -like ears to hear their pace.

  3. Like to eat it, it is carnivorous animals. They are good at night activities and like cleanliness. The cats of cats are also very curious. Cats like them very much, climbing and jumping.

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