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  1. How to treat cat ringworm

    because cat ringworm is more common in malnutrition and diseased cats, increasing nutritional intake, especially the intake of B vitamins, which is conducive to preventing diseases and infected cats infected with cats. Rehabilitation.
    1. There are two types of fungi infected with cat infections, one is cocoa germ, and the other is Mobilus. 98%of cat infection are cocoons. With the development of diseases, they will become irritating dry and round rash. It is recommended that in your life, you can apply clonazole ointment, nitrate nitrate hydrophilic ointment, compound benzoic acid ointment, ringworm washing agent, and sulfur ointment to the affected area. During the treatment, 4 ml of vegetable oil is added to cat food every day to promote the absorption of oral drugs. Because fungi can be transmitted to people, please pay attention to disinfection. At the same time, the owner of the cat should also take a variety of vitamins to prevent and avoid infection;
    2. It is necessary to avoid contacting pet cats, including sheets and bedding, in order to disinfect or expose it to high temperature; cats should be taken to pets to pets; Hospital, or cats should apply antifungal ointment. Antifungal ointment is also applied to tinea, such as nitrate mimonazole and pyramazole. However, it is worth noting that after the symptoms are relieved, we should also apply for 2 or 4 weeks to completely treat the skin's fungal response.

    The athletes were mainly due to the fungus infected with the human body in the animal surface, causing tingling bacteria. To detect whether there is a fungal infection, if it is positive, it needs to be treated with antifungal treatment immediately.

    The oral Tobinic acid tablet tablets or hexzozole capsules. External drugs can apply 萘 萘 oglkatone ointment or Luli Congzole ointment. For the large -scale cat moss, it should be treated with wet application of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the effect of clearing heat, itching, and detoxifying.

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