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  1. If you want to feed pet cats, cats must be combed, otherwise it is not good -looking and messy. Basically, many owners will comb their hair when they raise cats.

    This Cats Precautions

    The psychological preparation for no abandonment (this is the most important!). Now that you have decided to raise it, you must be responsible for it. The cat's life is not long, usually only ten years. If you encounter any changes in the middle, don't abandon it at will.

    The must -have before entering the door: basin, basin, cat toilet; cat sand and cat food.

    This cats who just entered the door should pay attention: Do not take a bath first. The stress will cause cats to decrease in immunity and infect diseases. It is best not to change food and give pure water. Be sure to prepare sufficient water for cats to promote cats to drink more water.

    1, feed

    The recommended cat food for kittens, must provide fresh water (better water) daily, do not give kittens to drink people Eat milk (it will cause gastrointestinal diarrhea to cause death), drinking cats and dogs special milk powder

    2, excretion

    When you pat your butt on the cat litter a few times, he will know that it should be excreted here.

    This Sand frequency: Generally, a cat in the home can change it once every three weeks

    3, remove insects

    Some parasites, these parasites are harmless to humans, but they will have a certain impact on cats. You can buy insect repellent for cats in the pet hospital for deworming in inside and outside the body. Usually once every 3 months, the cat raising cats are relatively clean because there is no outdoor activity, so there is no need to repel deworming.

    4, cleaning

    Mi is a clean animal, you can take a regular bath according to your family needs (cats are afraid of water, please pay attention to the cat during the bathing process. Emotions, and avoid water droplets from entering the cat's ears and eyes). You can use professional animal shower gels and blow dry cats as soon as possible to prevent cats from catching a cold. After washing, use a cotton swab to carefully clean the cat's ears to prevent inflammation of the ears due to humidity.

    The cats change hair 1-2 times a year. Please help the cats to combat the fur every week, and often help the cat cut off the sharp nails to prevent scratching Most of them are transparent. You can see the pink nail meat in the lower part of the nails in good light places. Please do not scissors meat to avoid bleeding).

    5, home support

    How to control curious cats, in the closed house, be sure to prevent cats from going out easily. Cats have no consciousness of height, so they often cause the falling incident, serious injuries, and violence. If possible, please put on the sand door screen at home to prevent the cat from running out or full

    The terrible furniture: To prevent cats from catching bad furniture, I hope you can prepare some cat's claw boards and toys for the naughty cat, so that they can use fist at the prescribed places. Cats love sports very much. You can play with cats and cats with cats and cats in leisure time, or play with special small leather mice and cats to ensure endless joy.

    ma with a belly: Cats like to lick the hair, those hairs enter their stomach, slowly become a hairy ball, blocking the stomach, you can choose a special vomiting cream for him Use once a week to help it spit. (It's really important to remove the hair ball !!) Or planting a pot of wheat grass at home, cats who love to eat wheat grass will also spit

  2. In fact, cats also need to comb their hair, especially long -haired cats. They are long, and their hair is easy to knot, so it must be combed every day.

    . If you like some short -haired cats, you do n’t need to lose every day, but you have to comb have been combed at least once a week, because they will lose hair, you can comb the excess fell hair, and it should be cleaner to cleaner. Essence

    The cat's body is divided into five parts: head, neck, trunk, limbs, and tail.

    The cats have various colors such as yellow, black, white, and gray. The tail is long and short, the eyes are like gold and silver, and the upper palate is the best. The body is small, and it looks love.

    This has a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat, so walking silently, the mouse will not start to run the rat, and the toe end has sharp nails.

    The claws can indent and extend. The cat shrinks into the claws when resting and walking, and only stretches out during the mouse catching and climbing to prevent the nails from being blunt. The cat's forelimb has five fingers and four fingers in the rear. Cat's teeth are divided into incidents, canine teeth and molars.

    This canine teeth are particularly developed and sharp. It is suitable for killing the arrested mouse. The chewing surface of the molars has sharp protrusions and is suitable for chewing the meat.

    This can also judge its age from its teeth

    The adult cat's

    The teeth in total. There are 26 teeth of young cats.

    The cat's teeth from both sides to the middle are:

    upper row -molar anterior molar can 6 incidents

    lower row - —— 6 tooth teeth of the molars of the molars

    14 days starting the teeth at about

    2 ~ 3 weeks of age, the milk incisor grows. At the age of the past two months, the deciduous teeth are all -in -one, white, thin and pointed

    3 ~ April age replace the first milk incisor
    n5 ~ June age to change the second and third age Milk tooth tooth and milk dog teeth

    6 months old to change the full -part

    8 April age, humor long, white and bright, with pointed convex on the upper door of the door

    1 The big peak of the second tooth of the lower jaw on the age of the year, wearing to the flat peak, this phenomenon is called the peak obliteation

    2 The second door peak of the lower jaws of the year old
    n3 The peak of the tooth teeth is obliterated

    4 The peak of the second door of the upper door of the upper jaw

    5 years old jaw third door tooth peak is slightly worn, and the mandibular teeth grinding surface is rectangular

    5.5 years old mandibular third teeth are obliterated. The cubs of the dog's teeth

    6.5 years old jaw's first tooth is worn to the root of the tooth. The first tooth wear of the 5 -year -old mandibular teeth is tilted forward

    8. The first tooth grinding surface of the lower jaw and the first mandibular grinding surface is vertical

    9 ~ 16 years old tooth fell off the dog's teeth. together

  3. When a cat believes in you, you will like to lie next to you and enjoy your feeling of helping it. Cats can not only remove dirt, flea, and hairpot balls, but also increase the intimacy with shoveling officers. Comb is very necessary.

    three benefits to combing cats

    Im combing hair is another way to touch cats. The benefit of touching is to deepen the relationship between cats and owners; It is conducive to the health of cats, so the benefits of combing hair are roughly three.


    The cat can relax

    During the combing process, cats can relax themselves as much as possible. Sometimes cats feel uncomfortable because of the body hair of the body. I often see that cats use their tongue to organize their body hair. The cat's body hair is uncomfortable.


    The can reduce the amount of hair loss at home

    It is to use the combed method to filter the cat's body hair. The cat hair at home is reduced, and the combing should be remembered. Some shoveling officers think that cats are not nutritious, so they lose hair. In fact, every cat has the problem of hair loss. You don't need to worry too much, just comb the hair.


    This promotion of blood circulation

    The last role of combing hair is to promote the cat's blood circulation and increase blood circulation. As long as the cat's blood circulates, the major diseases in the body can be effectively reduced. During the combing process, when combing the body hair of the cat, it will have a dredging effect. When combing hair, it can be exposed to the cat's body and the effect of massage, which can also promote blood circulation.

    regular combing hair can help cats maintain a clean and healthy body

    This cats like clean, so they often use their own tongue as a comb to give Make your own hair and keep your body clean. But you can't give all the care of your body to the cat because of this, because the cat's body is soft and there is a place where the tongue cannot be lick, especially the long hair cat. Therefore, the help of shovel officers seemed very necessary at this time.

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