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  1. Catched by the cat but there was no blood, there was no big fuss, there was no need to be afraid of or not need to mention it, scaring yourself. This is a very common thing in life. Even if it is caught and bleeds, it is easy to treat. Now there are rabies vaccines, so you can relax the cleaning and disinfection work, and then arrange it according to the specific situation.
    It can't be cared for after being caught by a cat. Don't put it on your heart if there is no bleeding. Wash the injured parts with soapy water in time. Disinfection work, apply it with alcohol or iodine, the place to be caught.
    After being caught by a cat, sometimes the blood will not be immersed slowly immediately. At this time, wash your hand and squeeze the blood with your hand to avoid infection. Also pay attention to avoid drinking coffee, avoid spicy and irritating food.
    It as long as there is no skin damage, it is okay, there is skin damage, and the CDC stipulates that as long as there is a broken skin, you need to be a rabies vaccine. In your case, I recommend that the rabies vaccine, then you don’t need to fight. You are too scared. , The incidence of rabies is very low

  2. It is generally not necessary to get injected by the two -month kitten, because rabies are mainly spread from their oral cavity.

    not all cats carry rabies virus. Most cats will regularly inject the vaccine (the time limit for vaccine), the living environment is relatively clean, and the body of the dead animals will not be exposed to the bodies of dead animals. The chance of carrying rabies virus is relatively low. Emergency treatment is basically no major problem.

    If it is to grab the skin without bleeding, then don't worry. After the soap and water are washed, you can disinfect it. If it is grasping the skin and bleeding, but it is not serious, wash it with soapy water for 30 minutes, and then disinfect it with iodophor.

    If the scratching and severe bleeding, you should make emergency treatment in time: press the wound blood and squeeze out, and immediately rinse with soapy water, disinfect it with iodophor, and then rinse with alcohol. It is best to go to the local vaccine station to inject the vaccine. Because although the rabies virus is transmitted through body fluids, some people may say that they are scratching and not bite. They will not spread without body fluids, but cats lick their claws almost every day, so the cat's claws must have a cable with with the claws of the cat. The cat's saliva, then the cat's injury or bleeding cannot be ignored.

    Ifly to be bitten by a cat, the situation is the same as being bitten by a dog. Whether it is a cat or a sick cat, the infection is very dangerous. At this time, we must pay attention to the wound immediately. At the same time, it is necessary to depend on the bites of the bite, and the degree of vaccine is different. If you are bitten on the face, the head, etc. are nervous. In addition to injection of rabies vaccine, the rabies disease virus serum is also injected. If you are bitten by other parts without nerve, you can only need rabies vaccine, and you need to follow the doctor's instructions in detail.

    Buchi virus has a incubation period, but the probability of lurking for more than one year accounts for only 4%, most of which will develop soon. Although it is said that if a cat dies ten days later, it means that the cat has a virus, and the cat has a virus. If the cat is fine after ten days, people will be fine; but the seizure of rabies virus may not be able to wait for ten days. If you wait for the attack, everything will be unsuitable. rise.

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