1 thought on “Where is the cat and dog market in Xi'an”

  1. 1. Viarson (North Exit at the South Road of the Park) has a pet knowledge market every Friday and Sunday (now the largest pet market in Xi'an).
    It bus: Education line, 8, 37, 102, 227, 300, 313, 526, 708, 714, 717, the north exit of Park South Road.
    2. West Third Ring West West Ying Village Pet Marketing Dojo (formerly Qinmei Pet Market Figure Western New Qinmei Flower Market), every Tuesday and Saturday. You can take the 902, 908 Road, Xiyu Village. At 800 meters south.
    3. Waiting for the pet trading venue of the East Yueyue Road to the east of the Dongyue Road on the Square, the South Moon Road intersection of the South Road.
    607, 717, 933, under the World Garden Flower Trading Center.
    4. The northern suburbs belong to Sanjiazhuang Pet Market
    Located on Tai North China on the north of the Daming Palace Bridge in the northern suburbs.
    The south of Laqiao Street is just on Sunday.
    It bus under the bridge.

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