4 thoughts on “Is there a pet paradise in the community?”

  1. Is there a pet paradise in the community? I think if there is a pet park in the community, it is still good.
    First, it can promote the standardization of pet breeding. At present, many citizens respond. Some people walk on the street and walk dogs in the park. On the one hand, they are worried that some large dogs are more dangerous, and on the other hand, they are more disgusted with some dogs' excretion. If you can have a paradise, you can solve the dog walking needs without going out of the community. Can make pet breeding standardized.
    Secondly, you can provide pets with an event entertainment venue. Most of the pets in the city are indoors in the city, and the activity volume is small. If there is a place similar to a pet playground, you can release the energy of the excess of pets. It is also very good for the health of small animals.
    Third, a pet foster place can be provided. Many pet owners currently face the problem of pets when facing business trips and travel. The difference between pet parks in peacetime pet shops is a large area of ​​dog houses. Pets have time to fly on the open space during the day, which is more conducive to eliminating long -term closure of depression.
    Fourth, it can promote supporting facilities and facilitate pet breeding. If there is a pet paradise in the community, the park itself or around the pet store, pet hospital and other facilities. You can solve all the problems of breeding pets in the community or nearby, which greatly saves energy and cost.
    Fifth, let the pet owner communicate with each other. Now there are many people in many communities. For these pets: walking dogs is daily every day. Intersection
    of course, pet parks will also have some hidden dangers to residents, such as disturbing people, hygiene and other issues. Therefore, in the early days of establishment, the relevant system and facilities should be improved to ensure that the operating mechanism is reasonable and the facilities are complete.
    This is not good, I hope to help you, welcome to discuss together.

  2. Not good, pets carry too many viruses and bacteria, and pets are generally hair loss, which has great pseudo -hidden dangers for children in the community.

  3. This depends on the property quality of your community. The better the pet park in the community, the better. If it is an ordinary community, the facilities of the general pet park are relatively simple.

  4. I think it is good to promote the standardization of pet breeding. It can also provide pets with an event entertainment venue. It also has great benefits to the health of pets, and the owner has saved a lot.

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