4 thoughts on “The cat is not fat, a bit thin, what's going on? What should I do?”

  1. It may be that the cat is in the growing period, the body is growing rapidly, and then it will not grow very fat, and it will even be thinner. Another possibility is that cats are born with a thin body, such as Russian blue cat. This cat is not fat, the limbs are more slender, the body is relatively slender, and it looks very elegant. The last may be that cats have some diseases, such as parasitic diseases or gastrointestinal diseases. The owner can take the cat to see the doctor, and then treat the cat for treatment.
    The kitten is rounded and cute, but when it enters the growing hands, the cat's body will become more adjusted, because the long man or nutrition is provided to the growth of the bones. A lot of meat. And the young cats also like sports very much. They will perform parkour at home, so that the amount of exercise is more, the body's muscles will be very tight, and they will not grow fat. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. The owner does not need to worry too much. He can add more nutritious foods to the cats so that the cat can eat more. This will grow very strong and healthy and will not be easy to get sick.
    Although some cats look healthy on the surface, there are many parasites inside the body, which will let the cats eat it all the time, but it is not fat. The owner can do some deworming work for the cat, and then take a look at the effect. If there is no effect, it may be infected by a cat. Sometimes cats have gastrointestinal diseases, and vomiting or diarrhea will occur after eating. The owner can give the cat some probiotics or other drugs prescribed by the doctor to see if the cat can return to normal. If it is still not good, you can only see a professional pet doctor, and you must cure moms.
    The body of the variety cats is relatively weak, and the immunity is relatively poor. It is particularly easy to get sick because of eating bad stomach. The body of the countryside is better, very healthy.

  2. It shows that the cat's stomach is not particularly good, and the absorption ability is not particularly good, so there will be such a body in life. You can buy some cat food containing vitamins. You should also add some nutrients for cats to make cats get fat.

  3. It may be caused by cat food without nutrition, or it may be that the cat's eating habits are not good, and the cat's gastrointestinal digestive ability is not good. You can take a cat to the hospital for treatment, or you can take some probiotics or some drugs for him.

  4. It may be because the cat's cat food does not like to eat it, and the body lacks trace elements; you should change a cat food for the cat, or buy some snacks for the cat, supplement him with Vera elements, drink water frequently, and eat a little meat.

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