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  1. Generally speaking, when the cat's body grows up 2-3 months old, the basic training that cats can receive. Each training is best to choose before feeding, because hungry cats are more willing to be more likely to be close to people. At the same time, in order to obtain food, cats will become more obedient and well -behaved. It is very effective for the training method tempting with food.
    During training, choose a relatively quiet and comfortable training environment for cats. Because in the training process, the sudden loud or frightened will make sensitive cats nervous. Because of fear and fear, cats may be afraid to hide, not willing to receive training. For this reason, a good and easy training environment is very beneficial to the effective results of training cats.
    In the process of pet cat training, due to the influence of various factors, cats' ability to accept and the cycle of training will be different. To this end, the owner needs enough patience and confidence to train cats. At the same time, give cats more care and tuning, give cats more tolerance and understanding, and strive to allow cats to accept and complete training as soon as possible. 1. Basic method of training
    The induction: use food, items, and other factors during training to induce cats to make a certain action to build a means of reflection.
    Forced by: mechanical stimulus and threat password forced cats to accurately make corresponding actions. When using forced for compulsory, pay attention to timely and moderate, excessive forced force will cause cats to resist.
    Reward: It is a means taken to strengthen the correct movement of the cat or consolidate the initially formed conditional reflection. Methods include food, care and praise.
    2. Precautions for training
    Time: When cats are hungry, they are more obedient, so they should be trained before feeding. It should not be longer at a time of time, 10 minutes.
    : Generally, you can only teach one action. You must not conduct several training at the same time, causing cats to be bored, and bring difficulties to future training.
    Methods: It is necessary to organically combine various training methods together. The attitude should not be tough.
    passwords: passwords must be concise, and with certain gestures and expressions, complex passwords make the cat confuse and increase the difficulty of training.
    1. The training of "Come"
    It food induction training and rewards can be used. Put the food a fixed place, give the "come" password, andck at the same time. When the cat comes over smoothly, let it eat and caress the cat to encourage. In the future, they will gradually beckon not to shout passwords, and establish a conditional reflection of the opponent's gesture. When a cat can complete the "coming" action according to the gesture, it is successful.
    2. Rolling training
    The method of combining forced and rewarding. Let the cat stand on the floor. While sending out "rolling", gently press the cat and roll it. At this time, you should give rewards. With the progress of training, food rewards should be gradually canceled. Once the condition reflex is formed, the cat will immediately roll up as soon as they hear the "rolling" command.
    3. Trip training
    The method of compulsory and reward can be combined. In two steps, when the "title" password is issued, the items are stuffed into the cat's mouth. When the cat holds the item, it should be rewarded with a touch. Then send out the "vomiting" password. When the cat spit out the items, you should feed some food for rewards. After multiple training, when the "title" or "vomiting" password is issued, the cat will make the corresponding actions.

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